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Brook Trout

Salvelinus fontinalis

Rev. 1.5 - 8/2007

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Summary of Total CSI Scores
Range-wide Conditions159 - 243282
Population Integrity8.36 - 153282
Habitat Integrity13.25 - 245278
Future Security18.110 - 245278

Total CSI Scores by Subwatershed * Range-wide Conditions and Population Integrity scores are calculated only for subwatersheds with conservation populations.
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Subwatershed NameSubwatershed IDAcresConservation StrategyTotal CSI ScoreRange-wide ConditionsPopulation IntegrityHabitat IntegrityFuture Security
2301044 2301044 18902Restore habitat and population491471018
2301048 2301048 12216Restore habitat and population39147612
230185 230185 5966Protect7218121923
230202 230202 15133Protect7318122023
230236 230236 4627Protect631691820
230258 230258 10904Restore habitat6618121422
230308 230308 10208Protect651591922
230309 230309 7012Protect8524152323
230344 230344 15845Restore habitat6217101520
23035 23035 261Restore population611371922
23037 23037 364Restore habitat and population471371017
230406 230406 14141Restore population621571723
230412 230412 2782Protect661691922
230426 230426 3489Reintroduce39  1920
23043 23043 15311Restore population601371822
230439 230439 15259Protect611591720
230441 230441 1372Protect651691921
230446 230446 1031Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
230453 230453 6109Protect661691922
230455 230455 12306Restore habitat601691421
230476 230476 5015Protect7118121922
230480 230480 3819Protect631691721
230483 230483 10211Protect651691822
23049 23049 10523Restore population631372023
230490 230490 10714Restore population551371718
230499 230499 16819Protect7318122023
230512 230512 9902Protect641691821
230513 230513 6935Restore population561371818
230534 230534 14516Protect7018121822
230541 230541 17349Protect6617101722
230607 230607 8959Restore habitat and population44137816
230612 230612 24263Restore habitat571691616
230633 230633 7544Restore habitat551691416
230651 230651 9827Restore population571271820
230661 230661 12655Restore habitat and population531371518
230662 230662 18805Restore habitat and population501371218
230672 230672 12036Protect6516101821
230699 230699 12284Protect6719101721
230701 230701 15195Restore habitat571591221
230702 230702 1174Reintroduce41  1922
230703 230703 12988Restore habitat551591219
230707 230707 1838Restore habitat and population541271223
230725 230725 14197Reintroduce37  1720
230731 230731 11651Restore habitat571691517
230739 230739 2328Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
230742 230742 13827Restore habitat and population571371621
230745 230745 2201Restore, then reintroduce28  919
230757 230757 11787Restore habitat and population491371217
230767 230767 3177Restore, then reintroduce26  818
230772 230772 138Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
230775 230775 4294Restore population571271820
230784 230784 2256Restore population581271920
230789 230789 18755Restore, then reintroduce22  616
230795 230795 2038Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
230796 230796 272Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
230797 230797 236Restore, then reintroduce27  819
230799 230799 1163Restore, then reintroduce32  1121
230801 230801 365Restore habitat6318131121
230807 230807 2521Restore population611272121
230810 230810 4873Restore habitat581491619
230812 230812 1130Restore population591272020
230823 230823 1073Restore habitat and population47127820
230825 230825 16539Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
230826 230826 8355Restore habitat53189719
230827 230827 6317Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
230828 230828 614Reintroduce37  1720
230831 230831 167Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
230832 230832 5052Restore habitat49169717
230839 230839 803Restore, then reintroduce24  618
230842 230842 12936Restore population591571720
230863 230863 11162Restore habitat571691220
230867 230867 13794Restore habitat53189917
230875 230875 10380Restore habitat581891318
230885 230885 8409Restore habitat and population511571316
230891 230891 9980Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
230915 230915 24326Restore habitat and population491271317
230922 230922 8241Restore, then reintroduce31  1516
230926 230926 12386Restore habitat and population45137718
230930 230930 9918Restore habitat571691517
230932 230932 16089Protect8122142223
230936 230936 9406Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
230940 230940 14199Restore habitat6722141219
230941 230941 12617Restore habitat6822141418
230947 230947 1719Restore, then reintroduce35  1421
230958 230958 216Restore, then reintroduce34  1222
230969 230969 9584Protect7122141718
230974 230974 887Restore, then reintroduce31  1021
230975 230975 17168Restore habitat6420101519
230985 230985 124Restore, then reintroduce28  820
230995 230995 3034Restore habitat and population491571116
250104 250104 7048Restore, then reintroduce24  717
250109 250109 70Restore, then reintroduce25  817
250118 250118 8Restore, then reintroduce28  820
250126 250126 50Restore, then reintroduce30  1020
250127 250127 10303Restore habitat and population501271318
250137 250137 14594Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
250186 250186 36138Restore, then reintroduce18  513
250216 250216 10143Restore, then reintroduce27  819
250257 250257 11167Restore habitat and population481371216
25054 25054 11605Restore, then reintroduce22  913
25056 25056 22333Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
25075 25075 7788Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
25079 25079 21723Restore, then reintroduce22  715
25085 25085 20382Restore, then reintroduce22  616
25087 25087 11494Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
25088 25088 299Restore, then reintroduce28  820
25091 25091 15182Restore habitat and population45148617
330186 330186 11433Restore habitat and population491371118
330189 330189 20229Restore habitat and population471271018
330191 330191 8406Restore habitat and population42127716
330192 330192 8836Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
330323 330323 17632Restore population601371921
33050 33050 12990Restore habitat and population521371121
3401 3401 914Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
3403 3403 2414Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
34050 34050 18946Restore habitat and population43147715
34051 34051 3324Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
34055 34055 25697Restore, then reintroduce24  915
34077 34077 8936Restore, then reintroduce26  1313
360104 360104 1594Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
360108 360108 2341Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
360115 360115 15956Restore, then reintroduce22  913
360123 360123 40457Restore, then reintroduce25  916
360160 360160 23870Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
360169 360169 13686Restore habitat and population461071019
360203 360203 11563Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
360232 360232 4853Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
360242 360242 11022Restore, then reintroduce22  913
360246 360246 11316Restore, then reintroduce37  1621
36031 36031 14977Restore habitat6720101918
360385 360385 20688Restore, then reintroduce34  1519
36039 36039 748Restore, then reintroduce24  915
360479 360479 30040Restore, then reintroduce22  517
36048 36048 12579Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
360496 360496 14520Restore, then reintroduce25  916
360501 360501 24060Restore, then reintroduce26  917
360515 360515 3627Restore, then reintroduce31  1021
360516 360516 5777Restore population571271721
360518 360518 9369Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
360519 360519 932Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
36057 36057 8095Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
360588 360588 48604Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
360594 360594 37773Restore habitat43169612
36071 36071 13630Restore, then reintroduce23  617
36098 36098 1244Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
3701367 3701367 3800Reintroduce38  2117
3701393 3701393 2835Restore, then reintroduce36  1917
3701406 3701406 2219Restore, then reintroduce34  1717
3902 3902 15279Restore, then reintroduce19  514
4201004 4201004 10071Restore, then reintroduce23  914
4201027 4201027 7306Restore, then reintroduce22  913
420106 420106 13275Restore habitat and population541471617
42011 42011 12711Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
4201101 4201101 23164Restore, then reintroduce22  913
4201138 4201138 20159Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
4201144 4201144 27622Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
4201145 4201145 13960Restore habitat and population451171017
4201147 4201147 22887Restore, then reintroduce24  915
4201154 4201154 36376Restore, then reintroduce24  816
4201168 4201168 3711Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
4201174 4201174 21649Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
4201186 4201186 18998Restore, then reintroduce24  915
4201194 4201194 26629Restore habitat and population461171216
4201203 4201203 28672Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
4201207 4201207 3083Restore, then reintroduce25  916
4201211 4201211 16614Restore, then reintroduce25  916
4201228 4201228 11304Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
4201250 4201250 25417Restore, then reintroduce24  915
4201269 4201269 13065Restore habitat and population541471320
4201281 4201281 21624Restore, then reintroduce21  615
4201326 4201326 14881Restore, then reintroduce26  818
420133 420133 801Restore, then reintroduce28  919
4201376 4201376 2763Restore, then reintroduce28  919
4201377 4201377 16274Restore, then reintroduce23  716
4201380 4201380 10013Restore, then reintroduce25  619
4201412 4201412 1263Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
4201447 4201447 319Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
42015 42015 2109Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
420168 420168 10406Restore habitat671791922
42017 42017 12987Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
420202 420202 19973Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
420262 420262 3066Restore, then reintroduce27  918
4204 4204 19166Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
420657 420657 502Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
420709 420709 10940Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
420713 420713 11111Restore, then reintroduce22  913
420749 420749 17144Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
42078 42078 1230Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
42082 42082 1030Reintroduce37  1720
420826 420826 18656Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
42084 42084 309Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
420851 420851 10831Restore habitat581491619
4209 4209 15626Restore, then reintroduce26  917
420915 420915 33842Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
420985 420985 17488Restore, then reintroduce23  815
44017 44017 5148Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
44020 44020 6890Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
44030 44030 17647Restore habitat and population481271019
470269 470269 10438Restore, then reintroduce24  915
500171 500171 11923Restore habitat6620111223
500173 500173 16252Restore habitat571891119
500181 500181 16061Restore habitat and population571881120
500268 500268 21426Restore habitat and population48157917
50039 50039 1951Restore, then reintroduce24  816
50070 50070 81Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
510215 510215 14924Restore, then reintroduce28  919
510252 510252 11838Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
510272 510272 9494Restore, then reintroduce40  1822
510275 510275 13742Protect701692223
510288 510288 17214Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
510329 510329 12233Restore, then reintroduce25  916
51044 51044 15454Restore, then reintroduce24  717
510544 510544 14079Protect691692222
510576 510576 10234Restore habitat and population481471116
51063 51063 9670Restore, then reintroduce25  916
510633 510633 14104Restore habitat and population481571016
510954 510954 13790Restore, then reintroduce22  517
540625 540625 61078Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
90102 90102 2262Restore, then reintroduce22  517
9011 9011 13441Restore, then reintroduce25  916
90117 90117 13320Restore habitat and population511571316
9014 9014 8447Restore, then reintroduce26  917
90143 90143 10591Restore habitat and population541471518
90193 90193 11348Restore habitat and population45147717
9020 9020 467Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
9022 9022 3308Restore, then reintroduce26  917
9048 9048 9851Restore habitat and population491571017
9082 9082 2177Restore, then reintroduce27  819
9083 9083 11785Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
9084 9084 9026Restore, then reintroduce25  817
9085 9085 9134Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
9087 9087 3248Restore habitat and population491471018
9088 9088 1619Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
9097 9097 10591Restore habitat and population45157617
Aaron Run240147 33431Restore habitat6318131220
Abacotnetic Stream230288 10971Protect7018121822
Abbey Brook250261 37122Restore habitat and population39137613
Abbey Brook90166 31422Restore habitat and population471471016
Abbott Brook3307 12884Restore habitat and population551371619
Abbott Brook33084 24717Protect7622141921
Abbott Brook230706 31118Protect611591720
Abernathy Run54077 18214Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Abes Run420544 30886Restore habitat and population511571217
Abner Creek45090 31821Restore population561271720
Abol Stream230311 7583Protect8122142223
Abrahams Creek420426 11122Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Abrahams Creek420438 21758Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Abrams Creek51024 37248Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Abrams Creek51022 12069Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Abrams Creek470737 32629Reintroduce43  2122
Abrams Creek470742 23124Restore, then reintroduce42  2022
Abrams Creek250144 29970Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Abrams Run540325 25336Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Academy Brook330115 21685Restore habitat and population481271118
Acushnet River25098 27970Restore, then reintroduce21  516
Adair Run540734 15599Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
Addison Run24073 39344Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Aegan Brook23042 36016Protect6818121721
Agawam Brook25017 33910Restore habitat and population49157918
Agawam River25090 29827Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Ajax Run420356 41181Restore habitat and population521571317
Akeley Run42046 12203Restore habitat and population511271319
Alba Creek420226 42173Restore habitat and population501371218
Albin Run51015 25059Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Alder Brook500292 34541Restore habitat and population501371317
Alder Brook330327 23746Restore population561371719
Alder Brook360342 97607Restore habitat611891321
Alder Brook230435 24033Protect631691721
Alder Brook230404 12107Restore habitat6718121522
Alder Brook230493 9555Restore population541371816
Alder Brook230474 36505Restore habitat551910917
Alder Brook230283 18747Restore population571371819
Alder Brook230233 2459Restore population581371820
Alder Brook230225 15578Protect7522141722
Alder Brook230722 8305Protect651691822
Alder Brook230668 21157Restore habitat591591520
Alder Brook230574 24203Protect6420101717
Alder Brook230853 21248Restore habitat571591320
Alder Brook23080 75836Restore habitat7121141521
Alder Brook230780 34294Restore habitat and population511371120
Alder Creek360341 102261Restore habitat6520101718
Alder Creek36049 115531Restore habitat591891220
Alder Creek360258 62139Restore habitat6719102018
Alder Pond Brook230566 23567Restore habitat6419111321
Alder River230892 50226Restore habitat6220101319
Alder Stream230549 37612Restore habitat601691322
Alder Stream230555 26534Restore habitat and population541571517
Alder Stream230681 17970Restore habitat521691116
Alder Stream230641 25406Restore habitat6317101620
Alder Stream230643 32901Protect6918121722
Alder Stream230649 9261Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Aldrick Brook33024 25388Restore habitat and population571781220
Alexanders Spring Creek4201071 12275Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Alexanders Spring Creek4201028 26567Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Alexauken Creek340274 13420Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Allagash River230165 28237Restore habitat601691223
Allagash Stream230206 9642Protect7118121922
Allagash Stream230217 42034Protect6918121722
Allard Brook330284 15102Restore population631372122
Allegheny Creek4201038 11435Restore habitat and population471271315
Allegheny Creek420997 25700Restore habitat and population451271016
Allegheny Creek420685 11463Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Allegheny Portage Creek420160 30427Restore habitat and population511471317
Allegheny River420166 20242Restore habitat and population541471518
Allegheny River4201406 14726Restore habitat and population511471119
Allegheny River420145 28173Restore habitat and population521471615
Allegheny River420140 10709Restore habitat and population511471416
Allegheny River42041 10737Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Allegheny River42039 20196Restore, then reintroduce32  1616
Allegheny River420110 27180Restore habitat and population491471414
Allegheny River420115 30354Restore habitat and population521471615
Allegheny River42061 36276Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Allegheny River42091 33094Restore habitat and population521471516
Allegheny River42088 33698Restore habitat and population521471516
Allegheny River360397 8528Restore habitat and population531471319
Allen Branch470491 44298Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Allen Branch470526 25825Restore population581272118
Allen Brook50046 33544Restore habitat and population46157816
Allen Brook500113 13615Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Allen Brook360414 188791Restore habitat and population461271116
Allen Brook36042 95779Restore habitat7522141722
Allen Brook330114 20261Restore habitat and population491271515
Allen Brook230859 30902Restore habitat581791517
Allen Brook9070 31137Restore habitat and population47147917
Allen Creek360436 19911Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Allen Mill Creek13024 19998Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Allentown Creek360572 201435Restore habitat6119101616
Allerton Creek340219 29748Restore, then reintroduce22  517
Alley Creek360497 35719Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Alloway Creek24062 9725Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Alloway Creek4201290 15710Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Almy Brook44021 22839Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Alone Mill Creek510459 19510Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Alplaus Kill360243 35914Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Alum Creek510445 18435Restore habitat631691721
Ambrose Brook340205 35532Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Ambrose Brook340190 21019Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Ames Brook330121 40267Restore habitat and population501271219
Ames Brook330221 13624Restore habitat and population48137919
Ames Hill Brook500215 17714Restore habitat and population511571118
Amethyst Brook250295 35830Restore habitat and population521781116
Amey Brook330172 13127Restore habitat and population551371520
Amicalola Creek130140 19612Restore, then reintroduce29  1415
Amicalola Creek130142 20508Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Amicalola Creek130149 14124Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Ammonoosuc River33074 19248Restore habitat591691519
Ammonoosuc River33062 35508Restore population571571718
Ammonoosuc River33065 34891Restore population681782122
Ammonoosuc River33067 21558Protect7419112123
Ammonoosuc River33068 12807Restore habitat591791617
Ammonoosuc River33069 23560Restore habitat and population511371219
Amorine Branch4201227 29457Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Amsden Brook23056 31926Restore habitat581913818
Anderson Brook230429 13957Restore population591371821
Anderson Brook230438 9399Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Anderson Brook330203 20273Restore habitat and population641372024
Anderson Creek3701508 31960Restore habitat and population541171719
Anderson Creek420530 31067Restore habitat and population481571115
Anderson Creek420553 35507Restore habitat and population47157817
Anderson Creek420565 18683Restore habitat and population501571216
Anderson Run540197 25854Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Andrew Brook360345 36945Restore habitat7120101823
Andrews Brook230919 48997Restore habitat581891219
Andrews Run420116 29152Protect641792117
Angel Mill Brook360464 37897Restore habitat and population541471518
Angelica Creek360388 55279Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Angelica Creek360120 2186Reintroduce39  1920
Anglins Creek540573 21104Restore habitat and population551471618
Anglins Run540253 12792Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Angus Brook230304 34152Protect6319101717
Annan Run4201199 13090Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Annaquatucket River44019 17097Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Annis Brook230264 61466Protect8424152223
Antes Creek420528 35665Restore habitat561691516
Antes Creek420456 40925Restore habitat and population501471217
Anthony Bolick Branch370617 47394Restore population601372119
Anthony Creek540596 31007Restore habitat and population611372021
Anthony Creek540610 21650Restore habitat and population611371823
Anthony Creek540607 13218Restore habitat and population611372021
Anthony Creek540560 14272Restore habitat and population581371721
Antietam Creek420971 11241Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Antietam Creek240121 13014Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Antram Run4201167 31936Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Appenzell Creek420621 14037Restore habitat and population471471016
Appenzell Creek420622 28026Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Apple Creek420103 34035Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Apple Tree Meadow Brook90132 22073Restore habitat and population531571516
Appleby Road Brook330111 10254Protect7619132222
Aquashicola Creek420693 22976Restore habitat and population501371416
Aquashicola Creek420694 27135Restore habitat and population481371216
Aquetong Creek4201373 15513Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Ararat River5101164 22685Restore habitat and population501271417
Arbuckle Branch540540 32603Restore habitat and population501471217
Arbuckle Creek540627 37261Restore habitat and population52971719
Arcadia Brook500279 27507Restore habitat6922141518
Archertown Brook33052 17361Restore population581371721
Archies Creek5101153 18500Restore habitat581791220
Armstrong Creek420880 20677Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Armstrong Creek370778 28564Reintroduce39  2118
Armstrong Creek370878 20662Restore habitat and population591372019
Armstrong Creek540600 14615Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Armstrong Run420519 31760Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Arnold Brook23091 24106Restore habitat642214919
Aronhalt Fork540189 26219Restore habitat and population541471320
Aroostook River230136 62083Protect641591822
Artist Brook330278 24778Restore habitat and population591371920
Ash Craft Brook360344 100598Restore habitat7722142021
Ash Creek130796 14371Restore habitat and population581272019
Ash Creek420482 38622Restore habitat and population541371519
Ash Spring Run540132 34178Restore, then reintroduce29  1415
Ash Swamp Brook33012 23013Restore habitat and population471371017
Ashelman Run420459 28648Restore habitat561791218
Ashley Brook25015 26200Restore habitat and population44157715
Ashpole Run540118 29782Restore habitat and population491471216
Ashtabula Creek42048 4966Restore, then reintroduce28  1315
Aspen Run240275 26623Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Assabet River250324 25572Restore habitat and population44147617
Atwell Brook330210 21723Restore habitat and population601371921
Atwood Brook330295 14771Restore population561371818
Aughwick Creek4201106 25165Restore habitat and population551371619
Aughwick Creek420977 39102Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Aultmans Run420821 18158Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Auries Creek360294 21957Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Aurora Branch390105 13219Restore, then reintroduce21  912
Ausable River360351 125399Restore habitat7323141719
Ausable River360355 51335Restore habitat and population611781917
Austin Brook90165 15670Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Austin Stream230595 12219Protect651691822
Ava Brook360560 94718Restore habitat551691416
Avalanche Brook230297 27506Protect8224152023
Avery Brook250271 29182Restore habitat and population541781217
Avery Brook500263 7838Restore habitat and population49157819
Averys Brook90171 28593Restore habitat and population44147716
Axe Handle Brook330240 7509Restore habitat and population43127816
Axle Brook340164 34720Restore, then reintroduce23  617
Ayers Brook230502 29725Restore habitat and population531371518
Ayers Brook500241 23812Restore habitat and population511571217
Ayles Creek370810 13910Restore habitat and population551371718
Aylesworth Creek420307 21552Restore habitat and population491571017
Babb Creek420277 16769Restore habitat and population541571418
Babb Creek420229 14731Restore habitat and population511571118
Babb Creek420210 27344Restore habitat and population551571518
Babbs Run5103 18546Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Babbs Run5109 17550Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Babcock Brook230259 13671Restore population651781921
Babcock Brook230266 21473Restore population601371822
Baboosic Brook330137 31445Restore habitat and population481271217
Baby Brook360145 115642Restore habitat and population45127818
Baby Run4201151 34652Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Bachelder Brook250152 42184Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Back Brook2301018 19198Restore habitat and population581781518
Back Brook230909 47831Restore habitat591791518
Back Creek4201157 11467Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Back Creek4201159 32530Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Back Creek4201209 14300Restore habitat and population44117917
Back Creek4201050 36290Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Back Creek4201341 38346Restore habitat and population39117912
Back Creek510598 28541Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Back Creek510881 25977Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Back Creek540104 11038Restore, then reintroduce33  1617
Back Creek54027 18086Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Back Creek54034 20593Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Back River230914 33188Restore habitat561791317
Back River230920 11623Restore habitat591591619
Back River230943 6046Restore habitat and population531271519
Back River330139 37965Restore habitat and population42127716
Back River330268 14608Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Bacon Branch470943 38272Restore, then reintroduce32  1517
Bad Creek45084 16100Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Baddacook Brook250309 19934Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Bagley Brook360263 53024Restore habitat and population521271419
Bailey Branch370959 20169Restore, then reintroduce32  1616
Bailey Brook44022 6117Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Bailey Brook330179 22971Restore habitat and population46137917
Bailey Pond Inlet360343 62184Restore habitat7622141723
Bailey Run420863 32910Restore habitat and population481371018
Bailey Run4201399 29283Restore, then reintroduce20  614
Bailey Run420164 17676Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Baken Creek420956 37468Restore habitat and population481271118
Baker Branch Saint John River230218 44814Protect601591818
Baker Branch Saint John River230256 57695Protect7622141723
Baker Branch Saint John River230292 15117Protect641691722
Baker Branch Saint John River230318 13969Protect7118121922
Baker Brook230935 12915Restore habitat and population521571218
Baker Brook230998 17843Restore habitat and population491571116
Baker Brook230577 46313Restore habitat581591222
Baker Brook230615 55548Restore habitat551691218
Baker Brook230567 51140Restore habitat611491622
Baker Brook90139 39227Restore habitat and population601681521
Baker Creek360368 90662Restore habitat and population491271218
Baker Creek470996 36871Restore, then reintroduce38  1721
Baker River330218 12503Restore habitat and population571371720
Baker River330216 20328Restore population581371820
Baker Run420493 11826Protect671792219
Baker Run420478 16552Protect7219132119
Baker Run540224 15533Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Baker Stream230560 14745Protect7018121822
Baker Stream230601 12644Protect641691920
Bald Eagle Creek360424 89142Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Bald Eagle Creek420687 31403Restore habitat and population551571617
Bald Eagle Creek420733 33691Restore habitat and population561371620
Bald Eagle Creek420640 28888Restore habitat and population521571416
Bald Eagle Creek420548 23620Restore habitat and population511571118
Bald Eagle Creek420612 14718Restore habitat591791617
Bald Eagle Creek420590 37572Restore habitat and population501571018
Bald Fork3701020 34399Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Bald Mountain Creek370788 10165Restore population591372118
Bald Mountain Stream230580 9242Protect7018121822
Baldwin Brook25016 28285Restore habitat and population491571017
Baldwin Brook9038 39658Restore habitat and population501571216
Baldwin Creek360105 29257Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Baldwin Creek420899 29088Restore habitat and population481371216
Ball Creek360557 114186Restore habitat and population40127714
Ball Mountain Brook500206 21564Restore habitat and population621781720
Ball Pond Brook9054 25935Restore habitat and population46157618
Ball Run4201235 33354Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Ballenger Creek24076 31820Restore habitat and population42127914
Balliet Run420583 12602Restore habitat and population491571017
Ballplay Creek470803 17166Restore, then reintroduce38  1721
Balls Creek42081 10273Restore habitat561691318
Balls Creek42086 9855Restore habitat and population551471618
Ballwall Brook906 14755Restore habitat and population471271117
Balsam Brook360461 56848Restore habitat and population551471618
Bancroft Brook90172 12668Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Bane Creek4201067 11106Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Barb Run51083 33155Restore habitat and population531271222
Barberry Creek2301019 17077Restore habitat52189916
Barbours Creek510620 19864Restore habitat7018131722
Barbours Creek510652 13944Restore, then reintroduce38  1721
Bare Meadow Brook250306 29984Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Bargers Run420829 25207Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Barker Brook44018 9093Restore habitat and population37107515
Barker Brook230951 26440Restore habitat and population45147816
Barker Mill Creek1302 30981Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Barker Stream230790 12363Restore habitat and population531371419
Barker Stream230788 27896Restore habitat and population46137917
Barkers Brook230904 19665Restore habitat6720101621
Barkers Creek540725 23621Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Barkmill Brook33045 32369Restore habitat and population491371217
Barnard Brook500217 24533Restore habitat and population551371421
Barnes Brook2301010 14687Restore habitat6019111317
Barnes Creek36099 21919Restore habitat and population441071314
Barnetts Run4201202 38784Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Barney Run420398 28429Restore habitat611791619
Barnum Creek360559 160411Restore habitat and population411171013
Barren Brook240313 26980Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Barren Pond Brook230584 31364Restore habitat7220141622
Barretts Brook909 26367Restore habitat and population44127817
Barstow Brook23033 28946Restore habitat6618121323
Bartemus Brook250327 37732Restore habitat and population45157716
Bartlett Brook230145 19505Protect7018121822
Bartlett Stream230830 24519Restore habitat561591418
Barton Brook230420 23483Restore habitat611691620
Barton River500175 41834Restore habitat7222141521
Barton River500172 34206Restore habitat and population49167719
Bash Bish Brook360595 158348Restore habitat and population481371117
Bashan Brook500222 34480Restore habitat and population521371220
Basic Creek360228 180163Restore habitat and population471171118
Basin Brook230954 50044Restore habitat7220102022
Basin Creek370370 28006Restore habitat and population551471717
Basin Falls Brook230910 38987Restore habitat641891621
Basin Run240351 21398Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Basin Run420531 23855Restore habitat and population521571218
Baskahegan Stream230336 79917Restore habitat601691619
Baskahegan Stream230315 33809Protect621691819
Baskahegan Stream230302 16714Restore habitat and population511371318
Baskins Creek470694 1714Restore, then reintroduce38  1721
Bass Brook23060 55935Protect621591721
Bass River25096 63968Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Baston Brook230208 24211Protect611591720
Batavia Kill360248 46806Restore habitat and population521271320
Batchelder Brook330208 14927Restore population621372121
Bates Run420268 30393Restore habitat and population501571216
Bates Run4201105 27290Restore, then reintroduce20  614
Battle Brook230285 9957Protect6618121719
Battle Brook230274 25007Restore habitat and population591781618
Battle Creek3701381 20043Restore population601372119
Battle Creek450287 43515Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Battle Run510566 15639Restore habitat6318131319
Bear Branch4201247 28025Restore habitat and population421171014
Bear Brook4201363 9167Restore habitat and population561471619
Bear Brook230252 30539Restore population601371921
Bear Brook230343 24863Restore habitat682214923
Bear Brook230378 14827Restore population551371817
Bear Brook230506 43746Protect621591721
Bear Brook230609 18593Restore habitat7322141423
Bear Brook230510 13390Restore population671781923
Bear Brook230519 35160Restore habitat7321141622
Bear Brook230816 26909Protect7824151821
Bear Brook36025 73967Restore habitat6321111318
Bear Brook360260 58550Restore habitat and population551781020
Bear Brook360153 140488Restore habitat and population481271217
Bear Brook340102 18524Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Bear Brook34044 11064Restore, then reintroduce21  813
Bear Camp Branch240122 23445Reintroduce39  2019
Bear Creek240126 8581Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Bear Creek24010 31200Restore habitat and population471471313
Bear Creek34081 28371Restore habitat and population471271018
Bear Creek4201285 4928Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Bear Creek4201386 28733Restore habitat and population46137917
Bear Creek420269 35398Restore habitat611791718
Bear Creek420540 29649Restore habitat and population481271217
Bear Creek420488 32834Restore habitat and population541371618
Bear Creek420409 10953Protect651692020
Bear Creek420284 25911Restore population611472119
Bear Creek5101091 9391Restore, then reintroduce43  2023
Bear Creek420847 22116Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Bear Garden Run5101 9628Restore habitat581391620
Bear Gutter Creek360188 36997Restore, then reintroduce19  514
Bear Hole Run420865 26323Restore habitat and population481271217
Bear Lake Outlet360411 95416Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Bear River250273 31899Restore habitat and population47157916
Bear River230968 35494Restore habitat6020101218
Bear River230963 11832Restore habitat591691519
Bear Run420654 12363Restore habitat and population511571217
Bear Run4201136 36170Restore habitat and population531471715
Bear Run42010 24370Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Bear Spring Branch510833 13541Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
Bear Swamp Brook90116 31387Restore habitat and population481571016
Bear Swamp Creek420137 29943Restore habitat591591421
Bear Swamp Creek360158 63365Restore habitat and population39137613
Bear Trap Brook360348 115855Restore habitat651891622
Beards Creek360121 29712Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Bearpen Creek3701504 51378Reintroduce39  2118
Beartown Brook360359 21246Restore habitat47139916
Bearwallow Creek510604 15549Restore, then reintroduce38  1820
Bearwallow Run540150 28287Restore habitat and population501471316
Bearwallow Run540202 30751Restore population571471818
Beatty Creek360300 103916Protect701892122
Beaty Creek450238 32186Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Beaver Branch420730 18662Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Beaver Brook360347 126967Restore habitat581691320
Beaver Brook360500 25995Restore habitat and population42127914
Beaver Brook34096 23569Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Beaver Brook340200 34436Restore habitat and population42127617
Beaver Brook340116 24139Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Beaver Brook250253 28651Restore habitat and population42137814
Beaver Brook250314 29008Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Beaver Brook330194 36981Restore habitat and population471271216
Beaver Brook330138 34773Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Beaver Brook330143 34058Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Beaver Brook23096 13430Restore population601371822
Beaver Brook23079 19437Restore population631372023
Beaver Brook230837 27777Restore habitat561691120
Beaver Brook230845 18433Protect661691922
Beaver Brook230876 21227Restore habitat531591118
Beaver Brook230680 38020Protect7924151723
Beaver Brook230759 14168Restore habitat and population471371017
Beaver Brook230226 19631Protect641691821
Beaver Brook230156 10642Protect631591722
Beaver Brook9060 32693Restore habitat and population44157715
Beaver Brook90187 25515Restore habitat and population541471518
Beaver Creek540682 24849Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Beaver Creek240114 36511Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Beaver Creek240117 21570Restore habitat and population441171016
Beaver Creek360280 21172Restore habitat and population521271518
Beaver Creek360285 109998Restore habitat551691218
Beaver Creek360407 64572Restore, then reintroduce20  812
Beaver Creek420739 21378Restore habitat and population45127719
Beaver Creek420975 17435Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Beaver Creek42098 25343Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Beaver Creek420884 15333Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Beaver Creek4201009 23846Restore, then reintroduce21  813
Beaver Creek4201062 12228Restore habitat and population511271220
Beaver Creek4201164 11498Restore habitat and population41117716
Beaver Creek4201219 26358Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Beaver Creek4201221 12207Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Beaver Creek4201445 8616Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Beaver Creek420440 11296Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Beaver Creek420451 29739Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Beaver Meadow Brook50086 37101Restore habitat and population531371419
Beaver Meadow Brook90185 32967Restore habitat and population44147815
Beaver Meadow Creek420213 24879Restore habitat and population521371220
Beaver Meadow Creek360418 93094Restore habitat and population461271116
Beaver Meadow Creek360287 81714Restore habitat601791420
Beaver Pond Brook230869 46238Restore habitat54189918
Beaver River36037 98839Restore habitat571891020
Beaver River36038 81415Restore habitat6119131217
Beaver River36036 110080Restore habitat591891220
Beaver River44025 7996Restore habitat and population481271217
Beaver Run420907 22055Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Beaver Run420706 36162Restore habitat and population521571416
Beaver Run420824 35026Restore, then reintroduce20  713
Beaver Run420803 32000Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Beaver Run420762 30834Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Beaver Run420646 25467Restore habitat and population551571320
Beaver Run420458 24190Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Beaver Run420382 35441Restore habitat621591622
Beaver Run34014 21296Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Beaver Run540122 27670Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Beaverdam Brook90114 27426Restore habitat and population47157817
Beaverdam Brook230927 29089Restore habitat571791219
Beaverdam Brook360609 53333Restore habitat and population46157816
Beaverdam Creek3701067 13546Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Beaverdam Creek370475 13182Restore, then reintroduce36  1818
Beaverdam Creek420215 11733Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Beaverdam Creek420998 14735Restore habitat and population521371220
Beaverdam Creek51032 16699Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Beaverdam Creek360492 40266Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Beaverdam Creek360488 44797Restore habitat and population43127915
Beaverdam Run51031 17814Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Beaverdam Run420896 27104Restore habitat and population551371520
Beaverdam Run420396 26835Restore habitat591791518
Becker Brook420367 26372Restore habitat621591622
Beckets Run4201012 21635Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Becky Inlet230630 51813Restore habitat6419111222
Bedell Creek360481 55386Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Beden Brook340258 31833Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Bedford Creek360180 51379Restore habitat and population481571016
Bee Branch370739 2617Reintroduce38  1820
Bee Brook9036 27194Restore habitat and population551781119
Bee Brook9047 37240Restore habitat and population541781217
Bee Hole Brook330116 36822Restore habitat and population481271217
Bee Run54085 15785Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Bee Tree Branch370417 31950Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Beech Brook34013 25302Restore habitat and population44127718
Beech Creek3701547 3756Reintroduce43  2221
Beech Creek420535 31481Restore habitat and population541571418
Beech Creek420516 31010Restore habitat and population571571619
Beech Creek420598 11843Restore habitat and population551571419
Beech Lick Run510123 19915Restore habitat661492023
Beech Ridge Brook2301028 17121Restore habitat and population521571515
Beech River330302 12344Restore habitat and population521371319
Beech River330300 9457Restore habitat and population541371321
Beech Run540681 27108Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Beechy Creek540499 31041Restore, then reintroduce33  1617
Beers Brook360265 78483Restore habitat and population551471321
Beetree Run240272 34532Restore habitat and population461371016
Bela Brook330123 23975Restore habitat and population461271116
Belcher Brook90182 19508Restore habitat and population42147516
Belden Brook9074 22077Restore habitat and population45147618
Belden Hill Brook9012 14415Restore habitat and population42127617
Belgrade Stream230824 28667Restore habitat521691116
Bell Brook360524 38813Restore habitat541691316
Bell Mountain Brook360346 73667Protect681892120
Bell Run420599 10537Restore habitat and population531571615
Bell Run42059 13226Restore habitat and population541471419
Bellamy River330246 21671Restore habitat and population41127616
Bellamy River330247 13089Restore habitat and population45127917
Belle Cove Branch510525 27967Restore habitat6518131618
Bellows Brook500212 36874Restore habitat and population611781620
Bellows Brook90118 38945Restore habitat and population44157616
Bells Gap Run420781 14681Restore habitat and population501371119
Belson Creek360409 43681Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Ben Creek540724 14921Reintroduce35  1718
Ben Glazier Brook23092 11269Protect7921142024
Benjamin Brook230459 43149Restore habitat6720101621
Bennett Branch420468 20247Restore habitat551791316
Bennett Branch420433 32992Restore habitat and population531571417
Bennett Brook25014 31610Restore habitat and population46157717
Bennett Creek24078 27210Restore habitat and population461271017
Bennett Run510106 18321Restore habitat621491920
Bennetts Creek420134 28481Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
Bennetts Creek360387 61020Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Bennetts Run4201334 27974Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Bennys Run420727 20354Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Benoni Run4201183 24239Restore habitat and population471171217
Bens Creek4201008 12649Restore habitat and population481371216
Bens Run510585 31384Restore habitat661692021
Bens Run540479 15309Reintroduce33  1716
Bens Run540415 22492Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Benson Run510312 23243Restore habitat661691922
Bent Branch47084 23173Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Bentley Brook9090 32357Restore habitat and population491571017
Benton Run360558 157045Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Berdeen Stream230808 48549Restore habitat7122141619
Berkeley Run540176 23860Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Berry Brook230852 36343Restore habitat6320101320
Berry Pond Brook330118 34148Restore habitat and population431271014
Berrys River330239 10032Restore habitat and population461271116
Bertsch Creek420746 6213Restore, then reintroduce27  1314
Betty Brook360149 92023Restore habitat and population501271219
Bible Rock Brook90190 12634Restore habitat and population551471519
Bicknell Brook33034 11163Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Bidwells Creek360432 100565Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Biesecker Run4201346 22811Restore habitat and population481171317
Big Bay Creek360610 88265Restore habitat and population471271117
Big Beaver Creek4201226 13690Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Big Beaver Creek4201208 21690Restore habitat and population471171217
Big Beaver Creek540488 24747Restore habitat and population501471217
Big Bennett Brook230553 23413Protect7018121822
Big Black River23097 50613Protect6618121818
Big Branch3701371 22688Reintroduce41  2120
Big Branch500152 16710Restore habitat and population601371822
Big Branch5101116 17304Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Big Brook23078 10397Protect7018121723
Big Brook23077 54216Protect651691723
Big Brook230172 9884Restore habitat6921141222
Big Brook250236 31222Restore habitat and population571681518
Big Brook90189 14422Restore habitat and population521471516
Big Clear Creek540582 23882Restore habitat and population531471319
Big Coal River540620 31542Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
Big Coal River540611 34367Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Big Cove Creek4201195 36653Restore habitat and population46117919
Big Cove Creek4201178 30719Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Big Cove Run540223 21059Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Big Crabtree Creek370825 15738Restore population551371817
Big Creek360592 95606Restore habitat and population491471018
Big Creek3701022 23930Restore population591372019
Big Creek39037 23810Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Big Creek510537 14793Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Big Creek470808 37790Restore, then reintroduce36  1521
Big Creek420752 28293Restore habitat and population44127916
Big Creek4701032 28227Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Big Creek360333 127255Restore habitat and population461471114
Big Creek540587 23905Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Big Creek540685 29347Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Big Creek540758 22251Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Big Creek540756 21775Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Big Deerlick Creek360136 74850Restore habitat541791117
Big Elk Creek240317 18954Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Big Elk Creek240312 11010Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Big Elk Creek4201265 10154Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Big Horse Creek370294 28721Restore habitat and population551371619
Big Horse Creek5101221 7385Restore habitat6817131622
Big Indian Creek5101004 20809Restore habitat and population531371221
Big Indian Creek360395 180481Restore habitat and population431461112
Big Inlet420447 10743Restore, then reintroduce34  1222
Big Laurel Creek370865 6206Reintroduce39  2217
Big Laurel Creek370819 21029Reintroduce37  2017
Big Laurel Creek370824 22250Restore, then reintroduce36  1818
Big Laurel Creek370758 35342Restore habitat and population571272018
Big Ledge Brook2301035 33922Restore habitat and population42157614
Big Limestone Creek470299 24936Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Big Lost Creek470954 59268Restore habitat and population501171319
Big Macks Creek5101014 12240Restore habitat and population561371323
Big McCloskey Run420406 36174Protect651792019
Big Mill Creek420265 21165Restore habitat and population601472019
Big Moores Run420197 11154Restore population591572017
Big Musquash Stream230367 32444Protect641691722
Big Pine Creek370921 15677Reintroduce37  1918
Big Pipe Creek24066 17874Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Big Pipe Creek24067 35973Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Big Pipe Creek24069 14319Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Big Pipe Creek24064 32997Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Big Poe Creek420691 39165Restore population601272021
Big Reed Island Creek5101053 13020Restore habitat6717131621
Big Reed Island Creek5101082 32626Restore habitat6217131220
Big Reed Island Creek5101148 27321Restore habitat6117131219
Big River330236 27644Restore habitat and population441271015
Big River330119 18575Restore habitat and population501271219
Big River330113 45393Restore habitat and population46127819
Big Rock Creek370690 14743Restore habitat and population581372018
Big Rock Creek370655 29464Restore habitat and population581372018
Big Run420492 22026Restore habitat611791718
Big Run420303 16956Restore, then reintroduce23  1112
Big Run510127 14642Restore habitat and population531371419
Big Run420554 18197Restore, then reintroduce22  1012
Big Run420573 12403Restore, then reintroduce28  1315
Big Run540590 26145Restore habitat and population591371722
Big Run54049 15775Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Big Run540557 26382Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Big Run54041 26877Restore population571271820
Big Run540399 29027Restore habitat and population561371323
Big Run540422 29930Restore population531271717
Big Run540113 33844Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Big Sag Brook230687 27846Protect6818121820
Big Sandy Creek4201229 34649Restore habitat and population551471519
Big Sandy Creek54056 22997Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Big Sandy Creek54066 23163Restore habitat and population501471217
Big Sandy Stream230563 9193Restore population591371722
Big Scott Brook230281 13170Restore population601371822
Big Sewickley Creek420811 11869Restore, then reintroduce19  613
Big Spring Creek4201025 28261Restore habitat and population441271015
Big Spring Run4201083 11392Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Big Spring Run420976 26130Restore habitat and population531271618
Big Wilson Stream230445 20196Protect641691722
Big Wilson Stream230481 22430Protect7018121822
Bigelow Brook230634 8179Restore habitat7022141321
Bill Hess Creek360383 14094Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Bill White Creek370640 28355Restore habitat and population561371719
Billings Creek420410 34399Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Billings Mill Brook420250 37191Restore, then reintroduce28  919
Billy Brook2301003 17430Restore habitat7422141622
Billy Jack Brook230103 61389Protect641591822
Billy Jack Brook230151 9433Protect651591922
Bimber Run420159 28045Restore habitat and population551571617
Bingo Brook500247 27689Restore habitat and population621781918
Binney Hill Brook250280 18343Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Birch Brook23066 52436Restore habitat6321141018
Birch Brook230862 18215Restore habitat7224151617
Birch Creek360220 121576Restore habitat and population551371718
Birch Creek420892 14133Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Birch Creek420341 10216Restore habitat and population521471615
Birch Island Brook330204 27319Restore habitat and population601371723
Birch Island Run420474 11283Protect7219132119
Birch River23048 27801Protect7821141924
Birch River540470 17771Restore habitat and population531271618
Birch River540472 31525Restore habitat and population511271319
Birch Stream230599 14308Protect651691822
Birch Stream230554 27392Restore habitat and population511371516
Birchfield Run540117 21709Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Bird Branch470430 21269Restore habitat and population561371620
Bird Creek3701047 22625Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Bishop Brook23054 24569Restore population581371820
Bixler Run420945 12607Restore habitat and population491271218
Bixler Run420966 17619Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Black Branch1302400 16919Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Black Branch Nulhegan River500294 31749Protect7320102122
Black Brook230111 26036Restore habitat and population51137922
Black Brook230130 11687Restore habitat6718121522
Black Brook230407 53575Restore habitat49169717
Black Brook23029 12924Restore habitat6518121322
Black Brook230261 29641Restore habitat631691622
Black Brook23032 15004Restore habitat7624151522
Black Brook230531 12893Protect6717101822
Black Brook230611 12666Restore habitat601591422
Black Brook230868 29751Restore habitat and population501471118
Black Brook230840 16291Restore population601371822
Black Brook330195 34433Restore habitat and population451271115
Black Brook330197 13801Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Black Brook250229 26859Restore habitat and population581571620
Black Brook250230 29530Restore habitat and population511571118
Black Brook34099 31353Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Black Brook360447 13086Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Black Brook360449 93081Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Black Brook360460 133318Restore habitat and population44147815
Black Brook360542 47963Restore, then reintroduce19  613
Black Creek360509 73610Restore habitat and population481371117
Black Creek360577 43615Restore habitat and population441271015
Black Creek360439 129535Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Black Creek360440 41831Restore, then reintroduce19  712
Black Creek360313 56522Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Black Creek36015 40276Restore habitat and population571471719
Black Creek360166 15849Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Black Creek360167 93069Restore habitat and population43147715
Black Creek5006 30857Restore habitat6118111418
Black Creek50090 35627Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Black Creek50087 25821Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Black Creek5001 40455Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Black Creek420806 31112Restore habitat and population501271318
Black Creek420576 11088Restore population551371817
Black Creek420607 38439Restore habitat and population491371415
Black Creek420661 11416Restore habitat and population491371415
Black Creek420511 28587Restore habitat and population461571014
Black Fork370876 21862Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Black Hole Creek420514 42924Restore, then reintroduce22  1012
Black Lick510568 11799Restore, then reintroduce38  1721
Black Moshannon Creek420597 35585Restore habitat and population491571215
Black Mountain Brook360340 64957Restore habitat7722142021
Black Pond Brook330178 14032Restore population551371718
Black River360234 62409Restore habitat and population551371520
Black River500170 26827Restore habitat511791015
Black River500174 26304Restore habitat541891116
Black River500182 31024Restore habitat and population611881421
Black River500179 18757Restore habitat and population561571420
Black River500226 24965Restore habitat and population511371219
Black River500230 23001Restore habitat and population561571519
Black River500231 28177Restore habitat and population481371216
Black River500233 33912Restore habitat and population48157818
Black Rock Brook230635 42353Protect6717121721
Black Run420419 11434Restore habitat571691616
Black Run4201291 24441Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Black Stream230587 21032Restore habitat and population581881319
Black Stream230575 20037Restore habitat50189914
Black Stream230657 16821Restore habitat and population531371617
Black Stream230686 15789Restore habitat and population541371519
Blackberry River9029 17341Restore habitat and population49157819
Blackledge River90175 24877Restore habitat and population521471417
Blacklegs Creek420801 29125Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Blacklick Creek420856 22364Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Blacklick Creek420833 33908Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Blacklog Creek420910 27381Restore habitat and population571371720
Blackrock Run240281 28808Restore habitat and population461371016
Blacks Creek420281 12738Restore habitat and population551571419
Blackstone River25060 24813Restore habitat and population44157517
Blackstone River25062 25473Restore habitat and population42157614
Blackstrap Brook330325 30729Restore habitat and population511371318
Blackthorn Creek540397 32809Restore habitat and population561371422
Blackwater Brook330244 15882Restore habitat and population42127914
Blackwater Brook250136 14815Restore habitat and population501481117
Blackwater River330162 23107Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Blackwater River330163 30347Restore habitat and population551371520
Blackwater River330167 11585Restore habitat and population511371219
Blackwater River230135 25993Protect7018121822
Blackwater River540211 29841Restore habitat and population521471417
Blackwater River540219 24183Restore, then reintroduce38  1721
Blackwater River540221 35254Restore habitat and population521471516
Blackwell Brook90134 34474Restore habitat and population45157716
Blackwell Brook90130 18011Restore habitat and population541571517
Blair Gap Run420905 17835Restore habitat and population521371418
Blevins Branch470144 35894Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Blexley Run420522 10165Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Blind Brook9021 8611Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Block Brook250232 27209Restore habitat and population41157514
Blockhouse Creek420283 24831Restore habitat and population531571417
Blood Brook330148 23339Restore habitat and population44127817
Blood Mountain Creek130797 20373Reintroduce43  2122
Blood River370873 15994Restore population581272118
Bloods Brook33035 18114Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Bloody Brook250292 31372Restore habitat and population471371215
Bloody Run420430 21471Restore habitat621791422
Blooming Grove Creek420317 33606Restore habitat and population551371421
Blooming Grove Creek420375 19207Reintroduce38  1820
Blue Brook330308 44823Restore population681782221
Blue Brook360322 162820Restore habitat and population41127715
Blue Creek540527 31701Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Blue Mine Brook34015 29558Restore habitat and population45127818
Blue Run510266 20833Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Blue Run510220 15953Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Bluefish River25074 26995Restore habitat and population44127916
Bluelick Run240139 29499Restore habitat6518131420
Bluestone River540751 33184Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Bluestone River540733 23393Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Bluestone River540735 32780Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Bluestone River540692 39636Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Bluestone River540717 25623Restore, then reintroduce36  1719
Bluestone River540714 31557Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Bluestone River510897 35593Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Blyson Run420407 28914Restore habitat and population45147816
Board Run240280 39623Restore habitat and population451371015
Boatyard Run420857 35159Restore, then reintroduce24  717
Bobs Creek420960 29640Restore habitat and population511271517
Bobs Creek4201006 12108Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Bog Brook330130 23920Restore habitat and population41127616
Bog Brook330173 18328Restore population581371820
Bog Brook33036 30963Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Bog Brook33061 12018Restore habitat5820101117
Bog Brook230959 25957Restore habitat542010816
Bog Brook230923 27091Restore habitat611891519
Bog Brook230939 28912Restore habitat6220101418
Bog Brook230901 15752Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Bog Brook230889 17183Restore habitat511691016
Bog Brook230663 17488Restore habitat601691421
Bog Brook230640 33491Restore habitat and population541371222
Bog Brook230711 16795Restore habitat and population521371319
Bog Brook230585 19151Protect7823141823
Bog Brook230528 21760Restore population561271720
Bog Brook230543 12816Protect7018121822
Bog Brook2301050 35015Restore habitat and population511471515
Bog Brook230168 16040Protect7218121923
Bog Hollow Brook9040 11229Restore habitat and population601781619
Bog River230653 24562Restore population571271721
Bog Stream230848 34614Restore habitat50169817
Bog Stream230782 39433Restore habitat and population491371316
Bog Stream230815 8067Restore habitat611691521
Bog Stream230818 18565Restore habitat and population501471118
Bog Stream360574 85940Restore habitat611891222
Bogley Branch24094 16426Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Boile Run420695 22653Restore, then reintroduce23  617
Bolling Branch51049 38889Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Bolshers Run510375 31659Restore habitat661691922
Bond Brook500186 38043Restore habitat and population541571220
Bonds Run540254 12641Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Bonesteel Creek360314 72620Restore habitat451391013
Bonney Brook230427 32205Restore habitat and population591371623
Bonnie Brook510207 34108Restore habitat and population521371418
Bonnie Brook420624 13089Restore, then reintroduce23  1112
Bonny Brook360231 140149Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Boody Brook230241 51077Protect8424152223
Boombridge Brook230505 47018Restore habitat531791215
Boomer Branch540591 13729Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Boone Brook9013 15818Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Boone Camp Branch370542 32384Restore habitat and population551471618
Booth Run4201414 16515Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Booths Creek540172 28276Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Booths Creek540123 13800Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Booths Creek540165 19639Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Boquet River360354 111705Restore habitat6519101620
Borden Creek510629 40464Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Borden Marsh Run51048 23734Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Boucher Brook230186 17430Protect7118121823
Bougher Run420483 20283Restore habitat591791419
Boulder Brook250188 21392Restore habitat and population42127716
Boulder Run540638 18940Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Bound Brook340153 20719Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Bourn Brook5004 36198Restore habitat6518111620
Bow Creek420537 20878Restore habitat and population44157715
Bowers Brook33020 20431Restore habitat and population541371618
Bowley Brook230820 48596Protect7322141720
Bowman Branch5101227 15165Restore habitat and population571371621
Bowman Brook330135 12983Restore habitat and population44127916
Bowman Creek360257 58109Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Bowman Creek420324 18820Restore, then reintroduce30  1020
Boyd Brook2301059 26878Restore habitat and population491471216
Boyers Run4201324 18950Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Boyles Branch510645 32497Restore habitat6618131421
Boynton Brook230614 30577Restore habitat and population41137813
Brace Brook420243 33137Restore habitat and population501571117
Braddock Run240140 16526Restore habitat531691117
Braden Brook360215 37651Restore habitat and population541471617
Bradford Brook9031 27456Restore habitat and population581781518
Bradley Creek360157 72963Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Brady Run420690 13684Restore habitat and population481571214
Bragg Brook33055 40872Restore habitat and population47137819
Brailey Brook230238 32464Protect641591822
Braisted Brook50068 10265Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Branch Brook2301031 20832Restore habitat and population571781517
Branch Brook2301033 9316Restore population611781719
Branch Brook230881 27438Restore habitat6619111719
Branch Brook9042 28693Restore habitat and population43157615
Branch Brook9044 14495Restore habitat and population46157717
Branch Brook90105 18725Restore habitat and population571571520
Branch River330235 16875Restore habitat and population531271618
Brandy Brook25069 29110Restore habitat and population46157816
Brandy Brook330107 27005Protect681692122
Brandy Brook230987 11999Restore habitat522010715
Brandy Camp Creek4201357 8492Restore habitat and population481471314
Brandy Run42014 13667Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Brandywine Creek4201444 18938Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Brandywine Creek4201210 14965Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Brandywine Creek4201185 13386Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Brannon Run420312 31798Restore habitat and population491571215
Brannons Run540213 21376Restore habitat631692018
Brass Castle Creek340137 25532Restore habitat and population471271117
Brass Kettle Brook25071 19835Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Brassi Brook9027 24327Restore habitat and population511571217
Brasstown Creek13023 20028Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Breakneck Brook230779 1838Restore, then reintroduce29  920
Breakneck Brook500245 27664Restore habitat and population561571717
Brewer Creek420173 26996Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Briar Creek420587 26006Restore habitat and population48157917
Brickyard Brook330126 25137Restore habitat and population43127717
Brickyard Creek25099 147377Restore habitat and population43127618
Bridge Brook250320 29341Restore habitat and population48147918
Bridge Brook360573 50538Restore habitat631691622
Bridge Creek420463 10963Restore, then reintroduce36  1521
Brien Run240303 39129Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Brier Ditch24048 29387Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Briery Branch510204 31635Restore habitat591591322
Briggs Run360298 25224Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Briggs Run540299 19821Restore habitat and population631372023
Brights Creek420527 24845Restore habitat and population541471518
Brights Creek420467 10961Reintroduce42  2022
Brills Run4201044 33629Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Brister Brook36059 64802Restore habitat641891720
Brixius Creek36097 9723Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Broad Brook500249 27793Restore habitat and population541571418
Broad Brook250260 12048Restore, then reintroduce21  714
Broad Brook2507 31407Restore habitat and population561681220
Broad Brook33015 23613Restore habitat and population521371418
Broad Brook90168 10099Restore habitat and population46147916
Broad Run540251 29860Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Broad Run51080 24358Restore, then reintroduce21  516
Broad Run51085 18375Restore, then reintroduce24  717
Broad Run540497 24687Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Broad Run24072 36221Restore habitat and population451271016
Broad Run24082 20664Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Broad Run24089 18791Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
Broad Run51065 24186Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Broad Run510686 29675Reintroduce41  2120
Broad Run51072 23521Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Broad Shoal Creek470358 43037Restore habitat and population541371618
Broad Swamp Brook90192 27174Restore habitat and population48147918
Broccy Creek360218 15304Restore, then reintroduce34  1519
Brockport Creek360431 79348Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Brodhead Creek420570 20450Restore habitat and population44147914
Brodhead Creek420503 26264Restore habitat and population521471516
Brodhead Creek420498 19009Restore habitat and population521471318
Brodhead Creek420541 28414Restore habitat and population511471515
Brokenstraw Creek42049 22889Restore habitat and population511471416
Brokenstraw Creek42024 8953Restore, then reintroduce28  1315
Brokenstraw Creek42077 27220Restore, then reintroduce28  1315
Brokenstraw Creek360177 46433Restore habitat and population481471116
Bronson Brook250226 38675Restore habitat and population551781218
Brooke Evans Creek4201033 20866Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Brothers Brook9016 22273Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Brothwell Run4201408 27823Restore habitat and population551471717
Brown Brook250330 28196Restore habitat and population43157714
Brown Brook230573 11274Protect6518121817
Brown Brook230709 19174Restore habitat541691217
Brown Brook23071 12546Restore population601371822
Brown Brook2301025 17871Restore habitat and population581781419
Brown Mountain Creek510498 21837Restore habitat631791819
Browns Brook50012 26059Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Browns Creek510555 21937Protect651792019
Browns Creek4201124 29275Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Browns Creek420125 10740Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Browns Creek360201 90398Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Browns River500106 24634Restore habitat6119111219
Browns River500100 34450Restore habitat and population491571215
Browns Run420754 29624Restore, then reintroduce25  1213
Browns Run420584 15346Restore habitat and population501571117
Browns Run4201200 11458Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Browns Run4201389 19296Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Browns Run420390 29480Restore population601572018
Browns Run360405 37637Restore habitat and population561681517
Brubaker Run4201163 18522Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Brumley Creek5101159 13729Restore, then reintroduce43  2023
Brush Creek5101139 15231Restore habitat and population591371722
Brush Creek420919 36820Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Brush Creek420834 14392Restore habitat and population451371015
Brush Creek420885 14721Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Brush Creek4201198 22102Restore habitat and population551471519
Brush Creek4201215 31269Restore habitat and population531471319
Brush Creek4201244 25416Restore habitat621691621
Brush Creek370757 12104Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Brush Creek370909 10026Restore, then reintroduce34  1816
Brush Creek370281 22151Restore habitat and population481371117
Brush Creek540736 26135Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Brush Creek540747 21162Restore, then reintroduce25  619
Brush Run4201415 9507Restore, then reintroduce22  1012
Brush Run420855 37926Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Brushy Brook90140 18285Restore habitat and population481271019
Brushy Fork540498 22889Restore habitat and population521471318
Brushy Fork540515 19986Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Bryant Brook330145 18005Restore habitat and population451271016
Bryants Brook360147 237692Restore habitat and population551571419
Bryson Branch3701214 33367Restore population631472121
Buck Branch240364 20875Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Buck Creek370754 23711Restore population601372119
Buck Creek470381 8740Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Buck Run4201196 17209Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Buckeye Brook44014 6274Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Buckhannon River540295 24981Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Buckhannon River540276 25861Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Buckhannon River540316 39286Restore habitat and population481371117
Buckhannon River540379 23801Restore habitat and population521371319
Buckhorn Creek340151 16340Restore habitat and population45127917
Buckman Brook250285 23547Restore habitat and population42127815
Buckner Run510206 35392Restore habitat541491219
Bucks Run420874 27736Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Bucktooth Run360415 39057Restore population551471816
Buddle Branch5101071 37369Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Budlong Creek360593 53214Restore habitat471691012
Buff Brook2301037 13037Restore habitat and population601781619
Buffalo Creek4201182 22515Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Buffalo Creek510527 29032Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Buffalo Creek510501 23354Restore, then reintroduce35  1520
Buffalo Creek420891 27790Restore habitat and population491371118
Buffalo Creek420923 18141Restore habitat and population521371418
Buffalo Creek470305 24912Restore, then reintroduce33  1716
Buffalo Creek420603 32224Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Buffalo Creek420668 34616Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Buffalo Creek540186 22256Restore habitat and population551471618
Buffalo Creek540140 34553Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Buffalo Creek540135 17242Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Buffalo Creek540489 24998Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Buffalo Creek540480 28991Reintroduce34  1717
Buffalo Creek540707 28208Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Buffalo Creek540684 29076Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Buffalo Creek540702 22398Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Buffalo Run420666 17441Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Buffalo Run4201166 15742Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Buffalo Run2408 12821Restore habitat and population521471318
Buggy Branch540669 15006Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Bull Branch230895 32825Protect6919111821
Bull Branch370777 14622Reintroduce41  2219
Bull Brook230854 32489Restore habitat561791218
Bull Brook250154 33308Restore habitat and population41127616
Bull Creek370888 14827Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Bull Creek420738 31670Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Bull Creek500202 22122Restore habitat and population541571517
Bull Creek540737 14605Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Bull Run51056 24475Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Bull Run51060 17588Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Bull Run51061 30949Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Bull Run5101155 20892Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Bull Run420999 10338Restore habitat611491919
Bullard Creek42095 14136Restore, then reintroduce32  1121
Bullard Creek42090 32688Restore habitat and population521371220
Bullet Hill Brook9057 22290Restore habitat and population471571015
Bullpasture River510310 30693Restore habitat and population561471619
Bullpasture River510249 39989Restore habitat and population561471421
Bullpasture River510361 22287Reintroduce39  2118
Bullskin Run540133 13882Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Bullskin Run540142 9369Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Bully Branch450129 10112Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Bumgarner Branch370428 19953Restore population551471717
Bumpus Brook330306 24621Restore habitat and population571781319
Bunch Creek4201249 21231Restore, then reintroduce20  713
Bunganuc Stream230984 21095Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Bungee Brook90109 10729Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Bunn Hill Creek36086 7863Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Bunnell Brook330108 12647Restore population641372222
Burch Brook360339 54085Protect661592121
Burchards Creek420370 20104Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Burdick Creek420171 33743Restore habitat and population521371220
Burgess Branch50091 20801Restore habitat6417111620
Burgess Brook230416 21490Protect7924151723
Burgins Fork370943 16969Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Burkes Garden Creek510983 19951Restore, then reintroduce31  1021
Burks Fork5101083 28432Restore habitat6517131421
Burlingame Brook44010 9020Restore habitat and population41107816
Burlingame Creek45079 22927Restore habitat and population541271421
Burlington Brook90157 23808Restore habitat and population481571016
Burnett Brook340123 31276Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Burnham Brook90170 12998Restore habitat and population471471016
Burns Run540593 37044Restore habitat and population491371217
Burns Run420476 24302Protect621792016
Burnshirt River250243 19795Restore habitat and population501371119
Burnshirt River250251 33866Restore habitat and population461371016
Burnside Brook330106 16021Restore habitat and population561371620
Burnt Cove Brook230486 64526Restore habitat and population511271517
Burnt Land Brook230117 15595Restore habitat and population561371422
Burnt Meadow Brook2301002 20412Restore habitat581691617
Burntland Brook230169 14589Protect7118121922
Burntland Brook230159 53102Protect6918121920
Burr Brook90191 36480Restore habitat and population491471216
Burrington Brook250267 24893Restore habitat and population571781319
Burris Creek370245 39354Restore habitat and population481471215
Burroughs Brook230425 36507Restore habitat581691122
Bush Creek24077 21077Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Bush Kill360222 81370Restore habitat and population481371117
Bush Kill420399 7571Restore habitat and population551471519
Bush Kill420586 8920Restore habitat and population561471520
Butcher Branch540608 29137Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Butcher Run240148 23654Restore habitat and population541471320
Butler Brook230625 5426Restore habitat7524151323
Butler Brook360458 7303Restore habitat and population481271118
Butler Brook360459 5447Restore habitat and population491271218
Butler Creek420135 13373Restore habitat6417131420
Butler Creek370299 18757Restore habitat and population551471618
Butler Run420518 36324Restore habitat and population46137917
Butson Creek360365 23258Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Buttermilk Creek360396 160474Restore habitat and population481471215
Butternut Brook9037 35048Restore habitat and population551781317
Butternut Creek360277 113944Restore habitat and population511271319
Butternut Creek360284 38269Restore habitat and population531471319
Butterworth Brook9071 24586Restore habitat and population46147718
Buxton Creek360564 69185Restore habitat and population40127714
Buzzard Run54074 21994Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Buzzell Brook330213 21405Restore habitat and population581371721
Buzzell Brook230638 35131Restore habitat and population551371619
Buzzell Stream230692 12158Restore habitat541691217
Bynum Run240282 14640Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Cabin Branch24086 31228Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Cabin Branch51041 16905Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Cabin Creek4201161 31986Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Cabin Creek540612 22536Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Cabin Creek540586 23994Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Cabin Run540107 14697Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Cabin Run420944 18825Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Cabin Run240141 12188Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Cacoosing Creek420992 13946Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Cady Brook25013 13736Restore habitat5819111117
Cage Lake Outlet3601 91940Restore habitat631891620
Calamity Brook360349 73679Restore habitat611691620
Caldwell Creek420142 12446Restore habitat and population571571619
Caldwell Creek420153 17622Restore habitat and population551571617
Caldwell Creek420186 25001Restore habitat and population531571615
Calendar Brook500281 14482Restore habitat6619131420
Calfpasture River510422 13250Restore habitat631691721
Calfpasture River510357 25476Restore habitat661692021
Calfpasture River510316 24449Restore habitat671692022
Calfpasture River510286 14373Protect681692122
California Brook33013 28588Restore habitat and population551371619
Calkins Creek420255 325Reintroduce44  2321
Call Brook33029 13360Restore, then reintroduce34  1321
Callen Run420364 31040Protect621691918
Cambolasse Stream230417 11742Restore habitat561691219
Cambolasse Stream230384 48942Restore habitat50179816
Camden Creek5005 36666Restore habitat6718111523
Camp Branch540660 31980Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Camp Brook25020 14219Restore habitat and population521571317
Camp Field Stream230763 15485Restore habitat601691619
Camp Run54073 23100Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Camp Run540156 18543Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Camp Spring Run54024 30944Restore, then reintroduce23  617
Campbell Brook230855 18309Protect7924151921
Campbell Creek360373 25151Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Canacadea Creek360386 37313Restore habitat and population491271119
Canajoharie Creek36065 46788Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Canandaigua Outlet360585 85302Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Canasawacta Creek36096 39446Restore habitat and population521271518
Canaseraga Creek360391 218507Restore habitat and population471471214
Canaseraga Creek360561 69684Restore habitat and population491471216
Cane Creek130808 17051Restore, then reintroduce34  1717
Cane Creek3701187 34517Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Cane Creek370717 23547Restore habitat and population541371618
Cane River370738 14466Restore habitat and population571371918
Cane River370796 20499Restore, then reintroduce32  1616
Cane River370840 41560Restore habitat and population581372018
Cane River370861 14326Reintroduce38  2018
Caneadea Creek360139 40068Restore habitat and population47147818
Canebrake Branch3701256 15941Restore population651472222
Caney Fork3701365 32908Restore population631472121
Canfield Run420126 27314Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Cannon Brook3309 19180Restore habitat and population541371321
Cannon Creek510124 23687Restore, then reintroduce36  1719
Canoe Brook230588 9818Restore habitat551591219
Canoe Camp Creek420183 7647Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Canoe Creek420434 12109Restore, then reintroduce24  1212
Canoe Creek420836 15297Restore habitat and population49137821
Capon Run510115 31056Restore habitat7216132023
Capon Springs Run540194 19206Restore habitat and population601271823
Captain Hickory Run51036 37273Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Captain Pond Brook330146 35156Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Card Machine Brook25067 22188Restore habitat and population46157816
Caribou Brook230327 23365Protect641691722
Caribou Stream23050 32612Restore habitat6521141119
Carley Brook420256 27863Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Carlisle Brook230358 27598Restore population521371715
Carlisle Run420839 28870Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Carlisle Run420858 28539Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Carlls River360485 92754Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Carlton Brook230251 28992Restore habitat6618121620
Carlton Stream230613 12781Restore habitat and population551371322
Carmans River360489 29552Restore habitat and population42127815
Caroga Creek360296 46913Restore habitat and population501471118
Carpenter Brook33059 30140Restore habitat and population511571217
Carpenter Brook90127 26548Restore habitat and population44157616
Carr Brook500265 29517Restore habitat and population531881017
Carr Brook4201404 22393Restore habitat and population571471719
Carrabassett Stream230752 14511Restore habitat and population501371218
Carrigain Brook330277 15179Restore population641372222
Carringer Branch470762 30827Restore, then reintroduce35  1322
Carroll Branch540574 21651Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Carrollton Run360133 65613Restore habitat and population511471416
Carrs Creek36082 19024Restore habitat and population521271419
Carry Brook23031 22214Restore habitat7224151221
Carrying Place Stream230629 10387Protect7018121822
Cartecay River130259 21499Restore, then reintroduce36  1818
Cartecay River130263 13316Restore, then reintroduce32  1121
Cary Brook25042 26773Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Cascade Alpine Brook330328 20110Restore habitat and population531571021
Cascade Branch370885 3614Reintroduce43  2221
Cascade Brook330164 21356Restore habitat and population511371219
Cascade Brook330209 39794Restore habitat and population581371721
Cascade Creek36076 6582Restore, then reintroduce36  1521
Cascade Stream230740 52284Restore habitat6620101620
Case Brook360317 94474Restore habitat and population42147714
Casselman River2409 30132Restore habitat and population491471315
Casselman River2404 18028Restore habitat and population461471114
Casselman River4201256 16865Restore habitat and population521471318
Casselman River4201263 8350Restore habitat and population491471117
Casselman River4201426 17700Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Casselman River4201427 22806Restore habitat and population49147919
Casselman River4201431 14812Restore habitat and population491471117
Casselman River4201429 29026Restore habitat and population501471118
Castle Creek360151 35627Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Castle Creek360155 19360Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Castle Creek360156 135877Restore habitat and population441271114
Castleton River500157 30615Restore habitat and population511471218
Catacoonamug Brook250332 38554Restore habitat and population45157716
Catacoonamug Brook250334 11475Restore habitat and population531571318
Cataloochee Creek3701088 39130Restore habitat and population611371823
Catasauqua Creek420776 10053Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Catasauqua Creek420792 26016Restore, then reintroduce18  513
Catatonk Creek360363 90711Restore habitat and population491071418
Catatonk Creek360367 121277Restore habitat and population551481419
Catawba River370993 24202Restore habitat and population561371818
Catbow Brook500302 32715Restore habitat and population551881217
Cathance Stream230521 8485Restore habitat and population541271421
Catheys Creek3701430 9576Restore population581272118
Catlin Mill Creek360548 63184Restore, then reintroduce25  1213
Caton Creek360376 27184Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Cattail Branch51019 13704Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Cattail Run540110 19121Restore, then reintroduce21  714
Caucomgomoc Stream230249 34136Restore habitat55169822
Cave Run540178 23710Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Cavenders Creek130813 13537Restore, then reintroduce33  1617
Cayadutta Creek360299 40957Restore habitat and population531681217
Cayuga Creek360474 81481Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Cayuga Creek360143 51842Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Cayuga Inlet360551 101019Restore habitat and population451371114
Cazenovia Creek360417 106621Restore habitat and population401271011
Cedar Brook330321 53480Restore habitat and population48137919
Cedar Brook33089 13836Restore habitat6620111520
Cedar Creek51035 14257Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Cedar Creek51037 30526Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Cedar Creek510446 22865Restore habitat and population561471718
Cedar Creek51047 18329Restore habitat and population541271421
Cedar Creek51058 11908Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Cedar Creek51052 26353Restore habitat and population591271723
Cedar Creek3701144 16540Reintroduce36  1719
Cedar Creek4201015 14844Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Cedar Creek540385 30427Restore, then reintroduce32  1616
Cedar Pond Brook360476 31708Restore habitat and population491471216
Cedar Run4201313 36474Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Cedar Run420252 24154Restore habitat651791920
Cedar Run510135 14771Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Cedar Run420707 11184Restore habitat and population491571017
Cedar Run420574 9693Restore habitat and population491571017
Cedar Swamp Brook90142 36366Restore habitat and population511471218
Centerville Brook25065 35952Restore habitat and population46157816
Chaffee Run4201387 21755Restore habitat and population521071421
Chain Lake Stream230508 13406Restore habitat and population551371322
Chain Stream230466 11923Protect641691821
Chain Stream230436 17678Restore habitat601691520
Chalker Creek360152 22333Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Chambers Creek360364 29584Restore, then reintroduce34  1321
Chandler Mill Stream230773 23766Protect631691721
Chandler Stream230164 17145Protect7018121822
Chapel Run51028 17112Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Chapman Creek420772 27251Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Chappel Fork4201402 17692Restore habitat and population551471717
Charles River250212 23383Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Charles River250213 33757Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Charles River250185 33710Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Charleston Creek420198 13237Restore, then reintroduce25  817
Charlotte Creek360270 112652Restore habitat and population521271419
Charter Brook360325 10064Restore, then reintroduce37  1720
Chartiers Creek420911 17993Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Chartiers Creek420928 26646Restore, then reintroduce22  1012
Chase Brook500257 14666Restore habitat and population541571418
Chase Brook330147 21642Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Chase Brook330177 16719Restore habitat and population471371215
Chase Brook230149 11644Protect671592023
Chase Brook230113 37520Protect7018121723
Chase Brook23083 16019Protect8024151724
Chase Brook23098 9742Restore population621371923
Chase Stream230628 20296Restore habitat631691622
Chateaugay River36046 105491Restore habitat and population591781519
Chatham Run4201350 22637Restore habitat531791017
Chatham Run420469 15176Restore habitat551791316
Chattahoochee River130793 14264Restore population601272219
Chattooga River1302393 48470Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Chattooga River1302383 42541Restore population591272119
Chattooga River1302387 8643Restore habitat and population551271719
Chauga River450245 16106Reintroduce42  2121
Chauga River450279 24185Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Chauga River450201 16512Restore, then reintroduce38  1721
Chaughtanoonda Creek360245 16080Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Chemquasabamticook Stream230163 39419Protect8124151824
Chemquasabamticook Stream230138 20178Protect7621141724
Chemquasabamticook Stream230152 10317Protect7118121823
Chenango River360281 211390Restore habitat and population441471013
Chenoweth Creek540314 13682Restore habitat and population561371620
Chenunda Creek360141 51470Restore habitat and population501471316
Cheoah River3701386 26394Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Cheoah River3701417 10525Reintroduce40  2119
Cheoah River3701431 2729Restore, then reintroduce33  1122
Cheoah River3701450 19166Restore population621372121
Cheohee Creek450156 21602Restore habitat and population561271621
Chepachet River4401 13626Restore habitat and population481371216
Chepachet River25070 16876Restore habitat and population45157716
Cherokee Creek470328 15147Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Cherry River540529 23767Restore habitat and population561471718
Cherry River540531 24367Restore population601472118
Cherry River540542 30818Restore population631472121
Cherry Run420809 10137Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Cherry Run420729 17317Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Cherry Run420529 13877Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Cherry Run420508 19447Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Cherry Run420355 34552Restore habitat591691618
Cherrytree Run420260 10838Restore habitat and population521571614
Chest Creek420748 23149Restore, then reintroduce25  1213
Chest Creek420814 25126Restore habitat and population451571112
Chest Creek420676 34389Restore habitat and population521571317
Chester Creek4201375 11221Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Chestnut Creek5101156 39046Restore habitat and population481371018
Chestnut Hill Brook250291 20472Restore habitat and population571781418
Chesuncook Stream230279 64301Restore habitat631691622
Chewonki Creek230962 62019Restore habitat and population481271019
Chickamauga Creek130795 21781Restore habitat and population521271419
Chickasheen Brook44026 13828Restore habitat and population461271017
Chickasheen Brook44024 23446Restore habitat and population521271617
Chicken House Run540537 36021Restore habitat and population541371618
Chickley River250272 17631Restore habitat and population591781420
Chicopee Brook250263 15368Restore habitat and population491371118
Chillisquaque Creek420611 26025Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Chillisquaque Creek420543 34326Restore, then reintroduce23  617
Chimenticook Stream23063 26971Protect7118121922
Chisel Branch24091 19059Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Chittenango Creek360562 33127Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Chittenango Creek360568 66192Restore habitat and population451471014
Choate Brook330124 20896Restore habitat and population481271118
Chocorua River330288 14188Restore population581371919
Chocorua River330294 18330Restore population561371719
Christians Creek510367 29116Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Christians Creek510330 27382Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Chrome Run4201213 22776Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Cider Run420377 28789Restore habitat and population481371117
Citico Creek470795 45179Restore habitat and population561371719
Clarendon River500148 30308Restore habitat and population541571418
Clarion River420343 28834Restore population571471917
Clarion River420344 22591Restore habitat and population491471315
Clarion River420289 25873Restore habitat and population531471616
Clark Brook500242 36367Restore habitat and population611781818
Clark Brook330283 22365Restore habitat and population511371318
Clark Brook330226 22912Restore habitat and population561371521
Clark Brook33077 31330Restore habitat and population491371118
Clark Brook360282 69884Restore habitat and population521271419
Clark Brook230743 27957Restore habitat6020101218
Clark Creek360444 34635Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Clark Creek420871 28930Restore habitat and population491271218
Claverack Creek360238 89343Restore habitat and population441171016
Claverack Creek360233 120849Restore habitat and population441171214
Clay Brook33047 19327Restore habitat and population521371319
Clay Brook33049 23176Restore habitat and population491371118
Clay Brook33037 17931Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Clay Brook330219 22841Restore habitat and population571371720
Clay Hill Brook500295 38936Restore habitat6419111321
Clayton Brook23088 5465Restore habitat6421141118
Clayton Stream230100 19471Protect7319131724
Clayton Stream230105 24151Protect8024151724
Clear Creek1302384 27973Restore habitat and population551271719
Clear Creek420306 11542Protect591791716
Clear Creek4201171 11380Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Clear Fork540641 23282Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Clear Fork540643 17353Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Clear Fork540749 16172Reintroduce36  1719
Clear Fork540688 23839Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Clear Fork540704 22453Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Clear Fork510912 30201Restore habitat621491623
Clear Run420549 16772Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Clear Shade Creek4201031 20483Restore population571371918
Clearfield Creek420604 31919Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Clearfield Creek420659 31210Restore habitat and population531571318
Clearfield Creek420828 36364Restore habitat and population501571216
Clearfield Creek420751 31434Restore habitat and population531571318
Clearfield Creek420708 18491Restore habitat and population521571515
Clearfield Creek420714 22599Restore habitat and population481571214
Clements Brook230755 36821Restore, then reintroduce28  919
Clendenin Branch420462 10747Protect681792418
Clesson Brook250274 13620Restore habitat and population561571519
Cleveland Brook500250 32856Restore habitat and population561571618
Clifford Stream230535 31634Restore habitat561491221
Clifford Stream230467 11890Restore habitat601591323
Cling Branch370601 21276Restore habitat and population551471618
Cloud Branch470988 28606Restore, then reintroduce30  1020
Clove Brook3402 6415Restore habitat and population491271416
Clove Brook3404 22653Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Clove Brook360462 111673Restore habitat and population471471313
Clover Creek420837 37693Restore habitat and population501371119
Clover Creek420904 32066Restore habitat and population521371220
Clyde River360586 60170Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Coal Creek370491 22436Restore habitat and population581471621
Cobb Brook500176 20114Restore habitat and population521671316
Cobb Brook500201 11091Restore habitat and population541571220
Cobb Brook25046 28841Restore, then reintroduce21  813
Cobb Creek470241 27275Restore, then reintroduce33  1617
Cobbler Brook250305 33109Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Cobbs Creek4201172 35161Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Cobbs Creek4201191 14247Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Cobleskill Creek360306 88869Restore habitat and population511271220
Coburns Creek540231 22306Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Cocalico Creek4201016 30599Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Cocalico Creek4201336 15823Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Cochato River250201 31341Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Cochran Brook330180 23719Restore habitat and population481371018
Cockermouth River330223 19066Restore habitat and population541371321
Cocolamus Creek420804 22837Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Cocolamus Creek420787 18224Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Codorus Creek4201197 16704Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Codorus Creek4201232 13391Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Coey Creek360611 78516Restore habitat and population561371323
Coeymans Creek360230 34082Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Coffee Creek42025 14389Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Coffee Run420974 26420Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Coginchaug River90186 24921Restore habitat and population45147816
Cohas Brook330136 14936Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Cohas Brook330133 11058Restore habitat and population471271216
Cohocton River360142 20578Restore habitat and population471271216
Cohocton River360107 20315Restore habitat and population451071216
Cohocton River360374 19628Restore habitat and population471271216
Cohocton River360380 62332Restore habitat and population481271217
Cohocton River360511 88440Restore habitat and population471271216
Coker Creek470945 15604Reintroduce43  2122
Colby Brook230833 29378Restore habitat621791521
Cold Brook36051 102095Restore habitat541791216
Cold Brook330117 22509Restore habitat and population481271217
Cold Brook330293 12250Restore habitat and population551371619
Cold Brook330296 9037Restore habitat and population491371217
Cold Brook90178 16614Restore habitat and population571681518
Cold Creek360392 79601Restore habitat and population521471219
Cold River360506 56684Restore habitat7924151723
Cold River330289 20259Restore population641372222
Cold River250270 20257Restore habitat and population621781819
Cold River250268 28018Restore habitat and population551781020
Cold River500147 23485Restore habitat and population581781617
Cold Run420681 38908Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Cold Spring Brook360117 49109Restore habitat and population37137512
Cold Spring Brook9064 16720Restore habitat and population511571316
Cold Spring Creek360172 19050Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Cold Spring Creek360581 129768Restore habitat and population461271116
Cold Spring Creek360465 29306Restore habitat and population46147916
Cold Spring Creek36078 19665Restore habitat and population591471820
Cold Spring Run4201181 38499Restore habitat and population441171016
Cold Spring Run4201104 15551Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Cold Stream420670 13833Restore habitat581791616
Cold Stream230917 9279Restore habitat and population501371416
Cold Stream230911 15265Restore habitat551691317
Cold Stream230518 5801Restore population571371819
Cold Stream54097 23989Restore habitat and population551271620
Cold Water Brook2301052 12098Restore habitat and population451471014
Coldbrook Creek360370 10283Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Cole Brook360320 87335Restore habitat and population41147614
Cole Creek230682 14526Restore habitat and population521271617
Cole Creek42097 23590Protect561691714
Coles Run54068 39218Restore habitat and population45127917
Collar Brook230571 35718Restore habitat7422141622
Collins Creek360240 33939Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Coloney Brook23036 49364Restore habitat612214619
Comstock Brook230368 12054Restore habitat521591216
Conant Brook23074 10186Restore habitat6724151018
Conasauga Creek470875 38188Restore, then reintroduce39  1821
Conasauga River130302 23536Restore population651372223
Concord River230877 29741Restore habitat and population48178815
Concord River230883 16676Restore habitat and population571781220
Cone Branch24081 34943Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Conestoga River4201098 17496Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Conesus Creek360555 55419Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Conewago Creek4201036 29501Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Conewango Creek360412 52524Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Conewango Creek360404 24704Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Conley Creek13022 27552Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Conneaut Creek3903 23361Restore, then reintroduce28  1315
Conneaut Outlet420257 13522Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Conneaut Outlet420182 33947Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Conneaut Outlet420170 17226Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Connecticut River500296 21350Restore habitat and population541371321
Connecticut River250289 19081Restore habitat and population43137716
Connecticut River33087 13877Restore habitat and population481471116
Connecticut River33085 23791Restore habitat662415819
Connecticut River33082 19539Restore habitat6219111319
Connellys Run510920 28393Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Conner Run540112 20977Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Conners Brook230127 17030Protect7118121922
Connetquot Brook360486 17548Restore habitat and population481481016
Connoquenessing Creek420581 28584Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Connoquenessing Creek4201361 28837Restore, then reintroduce22  1012
Connoquenessing Creek4201362 4246Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Conoy Creek4201095 12186Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Content Brook250313 22079Restore habitat and population45147816
Converse Pond Brook9018 19175Restore, then reintroduce21  714
Cook Brook360259 44775Restore population631781919
Cook Brook230676 30812Restore habitat and population501471118
Cook Meadow Brook230558 28349Protect611491721
Cooks Branch510914 23029Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Cooks Brook2301039 9405Restore habitat and population581781518
Cooks Creek4201370 11439Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Cooks Creek420852 18894Restore habitat and population451271214
Cooks Creek510196 12431Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Cooks Creek510198 15787Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Cooks Run420449 12720Restore habitat601791618
Cooks Run420402 16435Restore habitat591791617
Cookville Brook500256 28769Restore habitat and population621781621
Cool Spring Creek420368 18610Restore, then reintroduce20  614
Cooley Creek420179 11585Restore habitat and population551471321
Cooley Kill360455 55175Restore habitat and population471371116
Coombs Brook230509 36395Restore habitat611691620
Coon Creek420319 26483Restore habitat and population551571419
Cooper Brook230380 9799Protect671592023
Cooper Brook230390 6548Protect7118121922
Cooper Brook230370 13256Protect631691820
Coosa Creek13031 14367Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Copeland Tannery Brook25072 31011Restore habitat and population44127916
Coplay Creek420791 12726Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Copper Creek340237 21144Restore, then reintroduce19  712
Coquelin Run24049 22956Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Corbin Creek450100 31923Restore habitat and population521271320
Core Creek4201045 37940Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Corey Creek420165 14578Restore habitat and population461271116
Cork Brook4409 24969Restore habitat and population41107816
Cork Hill Creek42073 12854Restore habitat581491421
Cork Hill Creek36089 17675Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Corn Creek470136 18855Restore habitat and population541371618
Corser Brook330319 30320Restore habitat6722121221
Cosby Creek470575 37370Restore habitat651591922
Cothell Meadow Brook230604 39902Restore habitat and population551271620
Cottle Brook230771 14274Restore habitat and population521371517
Couch Brook250287 23159Restore habitat and population531781117
Coulombe Creek360303 21495Restore population641472122
Courthouse Creek3701407 24230Restore habitat and population571272018
Cove Creek4201170 26812Restore habitat and population501271219
Cove Creek470485 18895Restore, then reintroduce35  1520
Cove Creek450140 11954Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Cove Creek420955 21293Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Cove Creek5101006 24499Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Cove Creek510519 28801Restore habitat7019131721
Cove Creek540677 26822Restore, then reintroduce37  1522
Cove Run540205 20925Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Cove Run510526 25448Restore, then reintroduce41  2021
Cow Bridge Brook250290 30532Restore habitat and population491571116
Cowan Brook230399 5295Restore population601371822
Cowanesque River42068 17531Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Cowanesque River42062 10532Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Cowanesque River420102 8309Restore, then reintroduce24  717
Cowanesque River4201390 22092Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Cowanesque River4201391 17656Restore, then reintroduce32  1121
Cowanesque River42054 34302Restore habitat and population501271219
Cowanshannock Creek420680 18783Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Cowanshannock Creek420678 21732Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Cowanshannock Creek420665 38661Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Cowboy Brook330307 31537Restore habitat and population621781720
Cowley Run420239 13837Restore population601572117
Cowpasture River510265 15809Restore population651472222
Coxes Creek4201127 17177Restore habitat and population41147713
Coxes Creek4201135 24454Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Coxsackie Creek360224 34964Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Coyle Run51012 18302Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Coyle Run540124 17521Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Crab Creek510906 12644Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Crab Run420744 39056Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Crabbs Branch24045 26042Restore, then reintroduce22  517
Crabtree Creek240150 11087Restore habitat6618131421
Crabtree Creek420935 12053Restore, then reintroduce20  812
Craft Brook420415 15824Restore population561471718
Craig Run51020 35061Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Cranberry River540512 31968Restore habitat and population551471717
Cranberry River540521 30100Restore habitat and population571471719
Cranberry Run240154 21819Restore habitat and population50147920
Crane Brook360116 30915Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Craven Creek450162 13897Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
Crazy Run42085 40657Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Creamer Brook230485 22028Restore habitat611591522
Cresheim Creek4201107 23149Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Crippens Brook230762 6704Restore, then reintroduce31  1516
Cripple Creek5101138 28906Restore habitat and population551371619
Cripple Creek5101121 34366Restore habitat and population541371519
Cripple Creek5101102 25615Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Criss Brook34010 29815Restore habitat and population551471618
Critton Run54081 17662Reintroduce37  1720
Crocker Brook230590 9875Restore habitat561591418
Crockett Branch230849 8808Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
Cromwells Run51055 12075Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Cromwells Run51040 19404Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Crook Brook903 15295Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Crooked Brook9079 15587Restore habitat and population45147618
Crooked Brook230605 12069Restore habitat and population511371516
Crooked Brook360165 62099Restore habitat and population41137912
Crooked Creek5101137 31441Restore habitat521591117
Crooked Creek5101166 14627Restore habitat551591219
Crooked Creek420753 31740Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Crooked Creek420726 33744Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Crooked Creek420735 17341Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Crooked Creek420715 34991Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Crooked Creek420101 31335Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Crooked Creek420238 29140Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Crooked Creek4201397 26585Restore habitat and population45127719
Crooked Creek4201441 17388Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Crooked Creek420141 36816Restore habitat and population561471520
Crooked Creek4201351 11496Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Crooked River230570 11462Protect6919111722
Crooked Run4201434 17935Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Crooked Run510163 14999Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Crooked Run51045 30230Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Crooked Run51057 22080Restore, then reintroduce24  717
Crooked Run51062 19181Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Crooked Run540106 12240Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Crooked Run540187 35847Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Crosset Brook500117 25747Restore habitat and population551571518
Crossmans Run4201073 33167Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Crossuntic Stream230334 10979Restore population581371919
Croton River360195 105386Restore habitat and population39147612
Crow Brook230489 8289Restore habitat and population531271519
Crow Hill Brook250284 39446Restore habitat and population44147716
Crow Run510543 30063Restore habitat and population631472022
Crowner Brook360390 90341Restore habitat and population531471418
Crum Creek36066 40853Restore habitat and population461271215
Crum Creek36060 38420Restore habitat and population34127510
Crusoe Creek360587 53494Restore habitat and population451171116
Cryder Creek42051 28764Restore habitat561691318
Cryder Creek360138 32193Restore habitat and population491471216
Crystal Brook230230 19465Restore population581371721
Crystal Creek36035 17098Restore habitat581791418
Crystal Lake Brook90107 11271Restore habitat and population551781119
Cub Run51051 33508Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Cub Run510205 17151Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Cub Run510143 9830Restore population641372123
Cuff Brook9069 12967Restore habitat and population481471017
Cullasaja River3701518 21962Restore habitat and population521371418
Cullowhee Creek3701419 14896Restore habitat and population621472021
Culver Creek420494 22407Restore habitat and population491571116
Culvers Creek34021 22024Restore habitat and population42127914
Cummings Run510409 11229Restore, then reintroduce39  1722
Cunliffe Brook230134 13154Protect671691923
Cunningham Brook330144 14355Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Currier Brook230746 50880Restore habitat and population45137817
Curry Run420609 39443Restore habitat and population521571317
Cushman Brook250293 19534Restore habitat and population441371014
Cussewago Creek42052 26454Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Cussewago Creek420127 21000Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Cussewago Creek420104 14928Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Cutler River330270 21684Protect7519112223
Cuxabexis Stream230272 10196Restore habitat601691322
Cuxabexis Stream230269 17994Protect681692023
Daigle Brook23027 10113Restore habitat561691120
Dales Creek370908 6307Restore, then reintroduce38  1721
Danascara Creek360297 26093Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Danforth Brook250321 31927Restore habitat and population42147615
Daniels Brook25012 38589Restore habitat and population50178718
Daniels Run4201069 11061Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Darby Brook500229 20498Restore habitat and population561571519
Darby Brook33021 25754Restore habitat and population541371519
Dark Brook25061 20854Restore habitat and population44157616
Dark Brook230627 22601Protect631591722
Dark Ridge Creek3701316 32687Restore population581472116
Dark Run420682 29550Restore habitat541791216
Dark Run420948 35186Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Davidge Brook905 28479Restore habitat and population471271018
Davidson River3701362 30515Restore population581272118
Davis Branch450198 13795Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Davis Brook230237 38507Protect641591822
Davis Brook330183 10635Restore habitat and population521371418
Davis Mill Creek4701081 3294Restore, then reintroduce31  1021
Davis Stream230879 37437Restore habitat511591116
Dawson Run420249 22482Restore habitat611791718
Deacon Brook4201385 25462Restore habitat and population521471318
Dead Branch250227 13851Restore habitat and population531371419
Dead Brook23010 30242Protect641591822
Dead Creek360319 45478Restore habitat and population461271116
Dead Creek360358 35206Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Dead Creek36024 39842Restore habitat6721111718
Dead Creek50088 15411Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Dead Diamond River330312 18028Protect7119111823
Dead Diamond River330313 10496Restore habitat6919111623
Dead Diamond River330315 25695Protect7219111923
Dead Diamond River330317 25397Protect6919111821
Dead River230929 20064Restore habitat541891116
Dead Run240302 30235Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Dead Stream230578 20228Restore habitat531591217
Dead Stream230557 7862Protect611691818
Dead Stream230559 30498Restore habitat and population511371417
Dead Stream230140 14597Restore habitat6518121322
Dead Stream230442 19217Restore habitat561691219
Dean Creek360366 5740Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Decatur Creek360266 55316Restore habitat and population521271419
Decker Brook230965 35552Restore habitat572010819
Deckers Creek54082 22468Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Deckers Creek540129 19232Restore, then reintroduce25  817
Deckers Creek540103 21333Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Dee Run4201160 13775Restore habitat and population441171016
Deep Brook420417 11252Restore habitat and population501471217
Deep Creek420796 27385Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Deep Creek24014 17107Restore habitat and population521471120
Deep Creek130798 17969Restore, then reintroduce32  1517
Deep Creek130800 19482Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Deep Creek36052 62315Restore habitat6319131516
Deep Creek360546 52023Restore habitat5619131014
Deep Creek240356 25765Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Deep Hollow Brook9092 36642Restore habitat and population48157917
Deep Hollow Brook9096 19353Restore habitat and population531571417
Deep Kill360315 26277Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Deep Run240294 37282Restore habitat and population42137715
Deep Run240127 16224Restore, then reintroduce36  1818
Deer Brook230361 9671Protect7318122023
Deer Brook230350 62585Restore habitat581691518
Deer Creek240362 20362Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Deer Creek360441 58544Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Deer Creek420408 18993Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Deer Creek420515 15104Restore habitat and population551571419
Deer Creek4201398 31529Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Deer Creek540443 19557Restore habitat and population581371820
Deer Creek540453 23015Restore habitat651592021
Deer Lick Creek420124 34675Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Deer Meadow Brook330166 9847Restore habitat and population511371219
Deer Meadow Brook230928 9802Restore habitat581591618
Deer Min Stream230770 11110Protect641691920
Deer River360534 125800Restore habitat601891419
Deer Run420895 30899Restore, then reintroduce25  718
Deerfield River250269 33367Restore habitat and population45137718
Delawanna Creek34097 11882Restore habitat and population451071018
Delaware Creek420830 37893Restore habitat and population491371118
Dellinger Run4201325 22261Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Delphus Kill360244 17683Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Demarest Brook34053 28016Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Densmore Creek360435 108044Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Dents Run420369 15992Restore habitat and population571571619
Depot Brook250228 34314Restore habitat and population591781519
Depot Stream230146 17568Protect7118121922
Desolation Brook230229 13439Protect7018121822
Devils Creek470425 17886Restore habitat and population551371718
Dewdrop Run4201407 18260Restore habitat and population571471818
Diamond Brook34067 30078Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Dick Branch240278 37310Restore habitat and population471371116
Dick Brown Brook330224 21176Restore habitat and population48137820
Dickerson Run4201070 34884Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Dickey Brook360189 45816Restore habitat and population43147715
Dickey Brook23014 18575Restore habitat6218121121
Dickinson Creek90181 21603Restore habitat and population531471616
Dicks Creek1302285 24876Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Dicks Run4201177 24529Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Dillons Run540131 36396Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Dillons Run540154 12678Restore, then reintroduce38  1622
Dimick Brook500253 16059Restore habitat and population561571420
Dingle Brook9055 29267Restore habitat and population471571015
Dingley Brook230996 68372Restore habitat562010719
Dingmans Creek420484 10590Restore habitat and population561471421
Dirty Meadow Brook250210 16403Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Ditch Run24097 14882Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Dividend Brook90183 19413Restore habitat and population471471016
Dobson Run420780 29974Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Dodge Creek360134 29439Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Dodge Creek360401 29808Restore habitat and population531471418
Doe Creek470157 26983Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Doe Creek470207 34919Restore habitat and population541371618
Doe Creek510760 29243Restore habitat6716131622
Doe River470279 6709Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Doe River470337 14727Restore habitat and population541371618
Doe River470341 21049Restore habitat and population571371918
Doe River470378 19414Restore habitat and population551371718
Doe Run4201238 13873Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Dog Brook230430 19276Restore population571271721
Dog River500129 34233Restore habitat6719111621
Dogwood Run4201088 32806Restore habitat and population441271015
Dogwood Run240304 33987Restore, then reintroduce24  717
Dole Brook230341 27386Restore habitat6618121422
Dolf Brook330171 15693Restore habitat and population46137818
Donahue Brook9098 19865Restore habitat and population491571017
Donaldson Run51046 14891Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Donegal Creek4201103 10982Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Dorrells Run51094 30251Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Dorsey Run240221 33522Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Double Brook250310 13689Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Doubling Gap Creek4201007 10553Restore habitat531491218
Doucie Brook230213 13462Protect651591922
Dougherty Run42058 17002Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Douthat Creek540534 19341Restore habitat671592023
Dowd Brook9050 17324Restore habitat and population541571418
Dowers Kill360229 24060Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Downers Run4201053 27501Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Downes Brook330282 21143Restore population641372222
Downey Branch54033 35931Restore, then reintroduce23  617
Downing Brook90115 27700Restore habitat and population46157915
Doyles River510293 17847Restore habitat7019131622
Drake Brook230171 11686Protect8224151924
Drake Pond Brook9033 21743Restore habitat and population531571219
Drakes Brook340101 26208Restore habitat and population481271217
Drakes Brook340106 33215Restore habitat511491018
Dresserville Creek360112 19851Restore habitat and population461171216
Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek420305 29335Restore habitat and population531571516
Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek420254 28575Protect601791717
Driscoll Brook23075 18554Restore habitat642214820
Drowned Land Brook250223 38360Restore habitat and population561781318
Drury Run420366 11878Restore habitat631791819
Dry Branch510473 29747Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Dry Branch510856 13987Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Dry Brook44011 13189Restore, then reintroduce19  613
Dry Brook4201405 15910Restore habitat and population541471716
Dry Brook25010 24581Restore habitat and population491471117
Dry Brook25011 23156Restore habitat and population47147818
Dry Brook360101 36001Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Dry Brook360323 40789Restore habitat and population541681119
Dry Brook360463 50225Restore habitat and population531781315
Dry Creek360362 14767Restore habitat and population441271114
Dry Creek540655 14573Restore, then reintroduce37  1522
Dry Fork540748 32830Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Dry Fork540757 16235Restore, then reintroduce37  1918
Dry Fork540754 33181Restore, then reintroduce34  1519
Dry Fork510966 20909Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Dry Fork540287 25722Restore habitat and population561471718
Dry Fork540291 38599Restore habitat and population611472020
Dry Fork540252 20121Restore habitat and population551471717
Dry Fork540266 12575Restore habitat and population581472017
Dry Fork540341 35324Restore habitat631692018
Dry Marsh Run51016 26120Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Dry River510149 24885Restore habitat6717131324
Dry River510169 21837Restore habitat7017131723
Dry River510173 20119Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Dry River510194 10014Restore habitat571591320
Dry River510134 20129Protect7316132123
Dry River510122 20319Restore, then reintroduce37  1621
Dry Run510187 34575Restore habitat and population521371220
Dry Run510410 21332Restore habitat671692022
Dry Run510366 17258Protect681692122
Dry Run420941 28906Restore, then reintroduce20  614
Dry Run420357 15049Protect631691820
Dry Run54025 9596Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Dry Run51079 36930Restore habitat and population551371520
Dry Sawmill Run420588 30796Restore habitat and population461471015
Dry Seneca Creek24090 27210Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Duck Brook500115 33023Restore habitat and population581781320
Duck Lake Brook230497 9215Protect661691922
Duck Pond Brook230967 12452Restore habitat6220101319
Duck Pond Brook230822 18873Restore habitat and population581371820
Dudley Brook330125 18460Restore habitat and population471271117
Dudley Creek470667 5699Restore habitat and population571371621
Dug Hill Run54076 14507Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Dugan Run4201113 24117Restore, then reintroduce20  713
Dumpling Run540216 25795Restore habitat and population531371221
Dunbar Creek4201150 23625Restore habitat and population511471317
Duncan Branch3701428 32825Restore habitat and population561371719
Duncan Run510113 25051Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Dunham Brook230544 31154Restore habitat521891213
Dunhams Brook250110 36406Restore habitat and population471271117
Dunkard Creek4201245 25947Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Dunkard Creek4201255 10324Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Dunkard Creek54079 18201Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Dunkard Creek54083 4085Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Dunkard Creek54091 9361Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Dunloup Creek540635 30974Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Dunn Creek470573 44584Restore habitat and population571371621
Dunnfield Creek34086 8399Restore habitat671692022
Dunning Creek4201039 28025Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Dunning Creek4201023 27234Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Duran Brook230410 46668Protect6918121722
Durell Creek420176 31023Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Durgon Creek540237 32879Restore, then reintroduce26  719
Dutch Hollow Brook360113 19093Restore habitat and population451371015
Dutch Run4201353 17998Restore habitat and population541571418
Dutchman Creek5104 23787Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Dutchman Creek24084 15741Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Dutchman Run420121 15397Restore habitat and population501471316
Dutton Brook500300 16063Protect7019111723
Dwaar Kill360211 235129Restore habitat and population431471012
Dyberry Creek420185 34061Restore habitat and population48137820
Dyberry Creek420236 15407Restore habitat and population501371020
Dyer Brook33091 13558Restore habitat6519111520
Dyer Brook230242 13810Protect631691820
Dyer Brook230215 16220Protect6919131720
Dyer Brook230966 59194Restore habitat49189715
Dyer River230908 17775Restore habitat49159817
Dyke Creek360171 46851Restore habitat and population491471216
Eagle Run54042 22544Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Eagle Stream230347 36920Restore habitat and population46137917
East Aspetuck River9043 16169Restore habitat and population531571318
East Back Creek510244 24362Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
East Branch Beaver Brook23067 14431Restore population631372023
East Branch Big Musquash Stream230366 12266Protect641691920
East Branch Birch Stream230552 7549Restore population531371716
East Branch Bog Brook33098 16089Restore habitat7323141323
East Branch Brandywine Creek4201119 13000Restore, then reintroduce24  717
East Branch Brandywine Creek4201121 27841Restore habitat and population42117618
East Branch Canawacta Creek4201384 22091Restore habitat and population481471017
East Branch Cattail Creek240215 17764Restore habitat and population471171019
East Branch Chagrin River39045 32686Restore habitat and population471371413
East Branch Chagrin River39052 48962Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
East Branch Chandler Brook230982 17617Restore habitat and population541571517
East Branch Chandler Brook230977 16131Restore habitat and population551571419
East Branch Chester Creek4201193 7474Restore, then reintroduce23  914
East Branch Christina River240365 6616Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
East Branch Clarion River4201360 46126Restore habitat and population551471420
East Branch Clarion River4201359 23193Restore habitat and population521471318
East Branch Codorus Creek4201242 28475Restore, then reintroduce20  515
East Branch Conestoga River4201090 39178Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
East Branch Conestoga River4201076 14869Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
East Branch Conneaut Creek42036 16754Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
East Branch Conneaut Creek42029 20271Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
East Branch Cricker Brook908 20977Restore habitat and population42127617
East Branch Croton River902 9129Restore habitat and population481471017
East Branch Croton River901 7861Restore population601681719
East Branch Croton River360305 94180Restore habitat and population41147713
East Branch Deerfield River500183 23596Restore habitat and population581781419
East Branch Deerfield River500184 32546Restore habitat and population591371722
East Branch Dyberry Creek420205 10802Restore habitat and population551371421
East Branch Eighteenmile Creek360122 55463Restore, then reintroduce25  916
East Branch Fever Brook250249 5596Restore, then reintroduce34  1519
East Branch Fish Creek360575 120775Restore habitat561691417
East Branch Fishing Creek420425 12441Restore habitat671791823
East Branch Gulf Stream230491 14902Restore population601371822
East Branch Hicks Run420345 11227Restore population551571716
East Branch Jackson River510489 21893Restore habitat631691721
East Branch Mahoning Creek420578 27075Restore habitat and population501271219
East Branch Mattakeunk Stream230388 21795Protect621591721
East Branch Mattawamkeag River230214 16554Restore habitat6922141419
East Branch Mattawamkeag River230227 37965Protect631691820
East Branch Mattawamkeag River230180 26922Protect7018121822
East Branch Mattawamkeag River230191 27503Restore habitat6518121619
East Branch Millstone Creek420326 16667Restore habitat and population601472019
East Branch Mohawk River33090 22573Restore habitat7223141322
East Branch Molunkus Stream230265 14048Restore habitat and population561371620
East Branch Molunkus Stream230280 22552Restore habitat and population561371620
East Branch Moose River230561 22703Protect6918121722
East Branch Mount Hope River90110 23435Restore habitat and population531571318
East Branch Mud Brook230307 13586Protect671592023
East Branch Murray Run4201335 25763Restore habitat and population531471418
East Branch Nezinscot River230898 24587Restore habitat611891420
East Branch Norris Brook230310 24017Restore population591371722
East Branch North River500189 34628Restore habitat and population541571319
East Branch Nulhegan River500293 22249Protect7019131721
East Branch Oil Creek42093 38264Restore habitat and population511571118
East Branch Otsdawa Creek360274 13101Restore habitat and population581681420
East Branch Passumpsic River500284 33872Restore habitat and population541881117
East Branch Passumpsic River500277 13586Protect7522141821
East Branch Passumpsic River500278 38045Restore habitat6519131617
East Branch Penobscot River230263 18056Protect7822141923
East Branch Penobscot River230248 14640Protect7924151921
East Branch Penobscot River230223 19883Protect6817101922
East Branch Perkiomen Creek420949 39015Restore, then reintroduce25  916
East Branch Piscataqua River2301004 13580Restore habitat and population491571116
East Branch Piscataqua River2301006 12653Restore habitat and population471371116
East Branch Piscataquis River230550 14411Protect6317101719
East Branch Piscataquis River230515 11256Protect641691821
East Branch Pleasant River230408 41706Protect7122141718
East Branch Pleasant River230403 20207Protect7018121822
East Branch Pocwock Stream23051 16130Restore population611371922
East Branch Presque Isle Stream230129 10048Restore population611371922
East Branch Rainey Brook230305 11463Protect7018121822
East Branch Red Clay Creek4201446 6448Restore, then reintroduce25  916
East Branch Ripogenus Stream230291 15134Protect641591822
East Branch Salmon Brook90149 29261Restore habitat and population521571317
East Branch Salmon Brook90150 17018Restore habitat and population571781418
East Branch Sebasticook River230642 14335Restore habitat521691116
East Branch Seboeis Stream230389 16568Protect621691720
East Branch Seboeis Stream230419 10036Protect631691820
East Branch Simms Stream33093 21435Protect621891718
East Branch Standing Stone Creek420793 11994Restore habitat and population611371922
East Branch Stony Fork420217 13086Restore habitat and population501571216
East Branch Sugar Creek420224 8543Restore habitat and population451271214
East Branch Swift River250244 27939Restore habitat and population561781219
East Branch Swift River250246 48096Restore habitat and population49157720
East Branch Swift River230819 13384Restore population561371719
East Branch Tioughnioga River360565 172917Restore habitat and population441271213
East Branch Tunkhannock Creek420231 26231Restore habitat and population541371420
East Branch Tunkhannock Creek420200 21802Restore habitat and population531371320
East Branch Tunkhannock Creek420201 17992Restore habitat591591421
East Branch Umcolcus Stream230170 26716Protect7018121822
East Branch Wallenpaupack Creek420437 26050Restore habitat and population511371417
East Branch Wesserunsett Stream230652 15707Restore habitat591691420
East Branch Westport River250101 17527Restore, then reintroduce24  816
East Branch White Clay Creek4201267 10048Restore, then reintroduce24  816
East Branch White Clay Creek4201253 13015Restore, then reintroduce25  916
East Branch White Clay Creek4201259 18961Restore, then reintroduce23  914
East Branch Wolf Creek420418 14753Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
East Brook330305 42868Restore habitat and population571781319
East Brook360262 33974Restore habitat and population581681420
East Brook9058 20327Restore habitat and population481571016
East Canada Creek360291 70966Restore habitat5719101117
East Canada Creek360292 82419Restore habitat631591722
East Cathance Stream230948 33475Restore habitat and population541571517
East Creek50069 20533Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
East Creek500145 39247Restore habitat and population561781318
East Fork Elk Creek510588 24953Restore habitat and population551471618
East Fork French Broad River3701481 16625Restore, then reintroduce32  1517
East Fork Greenbrier River540378 28221Restore population601372119
East Fork Greenbrier River540438 30590Restore habitat and population611372021
East Fork Greenbrier River540418 20220Restore habitat and population601372020
East Fork Greenbrier River540389 24239Protect661592121
East Fork Harveys Creek420420 29594Restore habitat and population48157818
East Fork Pigeon River3701281 33906Restore population601372119
East Fork Sinnemahoning Creek420242 35047Protect631792116
East Hastings Brook230193 13250Protect621591820
East Hickory Creek420187 38855Protect651792118
East Lake Brook9062 25324Restore, then reintroduce22  616
East Licking Creek420846 29207Restore habitat and population521371319
East Machias River230447 31295Restore population581271722
East Machias River230586 6574Restore habitat and population471271117
East Masonville Creek360150 25555Restore habitat and population511271418
East Mountaintown Creek130251 9616Restore, then reintroduce36  1818
East Outlet2301045 14082Restore habitat611791619
East Outlet230457 31958Restore habitat561891217
East Pond Brook330206 15066Restore population621372121
East Prong Furnace Creek5101027 29123Restore habitat561591220
East Prong Roaring River370354 36024Restore habitat and population551471717
East River9078 19855Restore habitat and population501471118
East River540753 11015Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
East River540741 37931Restore, then reintroduce35  1520
East Sandy Creek420361 27992Restore habitat and population531571516
East Sandy Creek420411 10291Restore habitat and population511571316
East Sandy Creek420374 27751Restore habitat and population541571418
East Stony Creek360309 60550Protect7120102120
East Stream230562 12308Restore population581271821
Eastern Marsh Brook230581 31467Restore habitat601591620
Eastern Stream230448 6175Protect7521141822
Eastover Brook360389 75945Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Eaton Brook230667 11776Restore habitat and population491371217
Eddy Creek420342 22271Restore habitat and population481571016
Edinburg Run51076 39049Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Eelpot Creek360163 30753Restore habitat and population491371415
Eightmile Brook9072 13948Restore habitat and population44147617
Eightmile Brook9075 16359Restore habitat and population46147718
Eightmile Creek4205 21619Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Elbow Creek360302 49708Protect671692220
Elephant Head Brook330272 30185Restore population621372220
Elevenmile Creek360475 79276Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Elevenmile Creek42060 9850Restore habitat and population531471418
Elizabeth Brook250319 26389Restore habitat and population45147717
Elk Branch54096 11974Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Elk Branch54060 22248Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Elk Creek540238 13523Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Elk Creek540226 18872Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Elk Creek540247 23276Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Elk Creek420831 14527Restore, then reintroduce25  1213
Elk Creek5101163 27521Restore habitat591591322
Elk Creek5101158 26196Restore habitat581591222
Elk Creek420329 17998Restore habitat and population44147914
Elk Creek420304 14756Restore habitat and population521471318
Elk Creek420301 21512Restore habitat and population501471217
Elk Creek370261 25710Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Elk Creek36079 21208Restore habitat and population531271420
Elk Horn Run51081 14573Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Elk Lake Stream420191 10030Restore, then reintroduce32  1121
Elk Lick Run540278 19711Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Elk River540416 34780Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Elk River540432 12049Reintroduce35  1718
Elk River540441 20935Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Elk River540442 17891Reintroduce36  1818
Elk River540450 15878Restore, then reintroduce32  1616
Elk River540452 21328Restore population561272116
Elk River540444 20566Restore population541271817
Elk River540460 32941Restore population561271819
Elk River540473 34763Restore habitat641492021
Elk Run420208 13619Restore habitat621791719
Elk Run420180 16620Restore habitat and population481271019
Elk Run420589 8381Restore, then reintroduce28  1414
Elkhorn Creek540743 25692Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Elkins Brook230964 34066Restore habitat6320101320
Elklick Creek4201239 11635Restore habitat and population491471117
Elklick Run240142 24037Restore habitat and population511471218
Elliber Run540152 20910Restore habitat and population511471119
Ellijay Creek3701465 13184Restore habitat and population601371921
Ellijay River130253 13417Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Ellijay River130254 8463Reintroduce39  2118
Ellijay River130255 16760Reintroduce39  2118
Ellijay River130249 9337Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Ellijay River130250 11099Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Ellis Brook230220 51425Protect6918121722
Ellis Brook230243 15718Protect7018121822
Ellison Brook330253 13267Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Elm Brook250315 17516Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Elm Stream230293 58262Protect7019131721
Elm Stream230316 18155Protect6918121722
Elmer Brook250300 20180Restore habitat and population51178917
Elmers Brook500248 36394Restore habitat and population551571419
Emerson Brook330229 15595Restore habitat and population501371218
Emory Creek360483 63849Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Emory Creek540162 28279Restore habitat and population491471216
Enchanted Stream230547 20187Restore habitat6618121422
English River360517 31707Restore habitat6318111321
Ensign Brook360321 56937Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Equinunk Creek4201382 12756Restore habitat and population521471318
Eshleman Run4201323 31007Restore habitat and population43117916
Eskutassis Stream230470 11608Restore habitat601691619
Espy Run420525 4850Restore habitat and population481571016
Etowah River130143 17899Restore, then reintroduce29  1613
Etowah River130137 15224Reintroduce38  2117
Etowah River130139 10282Reintroduce39  2217
Evitts Run540111 12858Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Ewin Run540705 16684Restore habitat and population631472022
Ewin Run510610 37482Restore habitat661692021
Exeter River330264 14394Restore habitat and population471271216
Exeter River330266 21329Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Exeter River330267 12362Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Fair Brook500205 27784Restore habitat and population53178919
Fairbank Run42030 11486Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Falk Run42016 36743Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Fall Brook420157 20207Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Fall Brook360608 44544Protect7119131722
Fall Brook250333 29210Restore habitat and population43157615
Fall Brook25051 13418Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Fall Brook25045 26666Restore, then reintroduce19  613
Fall Creek360549 56402Restore habitat and population441371113
Falling Branch240357 24781Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Fallingwater Creek510634 22720Restore population601472118
Falls Brook23040 24914Protect7118122021
Falls Brook9094 14107Restore habitat and population47157817
Falls Creek420336 16733Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Fallsburg Creek360216 67763Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Farley Branch3701325 23928Restore habitat and population561371323
Farley Brook250317 17201Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Farm Brook23085 10817Protect651591823
Farm Creek51092 10762Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
Farm River9086 4462Restore, then reintroduce23  518
Farnham Brook230734 6766Restore habitat and population491371415
Farnham Brook230712 35052Restore habitat and population451371015
Farnsworth Branch420169 10939Protect691792320
Farrar Brook230357 31633Protect6918121722
Fells Creek420734 25250Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Felts Brook230683 6162Restore habitat and population531371617
Fenton Brook25023 32091Restore habitat and population40137713
Fenton River90112 21989Restore habitat and population551571518
Ferguson Brook2301060 13814Restore habitat and population42127914
Fiddlers Creek340287 9984Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Fields Brook230864 8535Restore, then reintroduce31  1516
Fifield Brook330104 12752Restore population651572320
Fifteenmile Stream230804 26333Restore habitat and population501571018
Fifteenmile Stream230811 8915Restore habitat and population531371320
Fifteenth Stream230451 28610Restore habitat561591220
Fightingtown Creek1305 19504Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Fightingtown Creek1308 13132Reintroduce39  2118
Fightingtown Creek1309 13045Reintroduce39  2118
Files Creek540347 13294Restore habitat631591920
Finn Brook230306 8462Restore population551371817
First Branch White River500240 40029Restore habitat6319111221
First Branch White River500244 26902Restore habitat and population601781421
First Broad River3701057 27101Restore, then reintroduce32  1616
First Broad River3701042 38560Reintroduce33  1716
First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek420221 21529Restore habitat and population561571816
First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek420266 38462Restore population571572015
First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek420320 32507Restore habitat551791316
Fish Brook230813 18308Restore habitat and population40137614
Fish Creek360312 101260Restore habitat551791118
Fish Creek360426 57396Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Fish River23084 38931Protect8024151724
Fish River23095 11705Restore habitat6918121623
Fish River23059 30437Protect6918121722
Fish River23041 64146Protect7018121723
Fish River23020 29463Restore habitat7424151322
Fish Stream230239 38395Restore habitat591591520
Fish Stream230257 14722Restore habitat and population571371621
Fishdam Creek47085 36233Restore habitat and population501371218
Fishing Creek420577 37241Restore habitat and population531571417
Fishing Creek420558 26527Restore habitat and population531571318
Fishing Creek420961 11568Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Fishing Creek4201319 24454Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Fishing Creek420114 15394Restore habitat and population531471616
Fitch Brook500299 34105Restore habitat7122141421
Five Finger Brook230107 20051Protect7018121723
Fivemile Brook23073 28166Restore population601371822
Fivemile Creek360399 23992Restore habitat and population531471418
Fivemile Creek360378 8859Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Fivemile Creek360379 35038Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Fivemile Creek360469 11979Restore habitat and population541271520
Fivemile River250255 16047Restore habitat and population43137716
Fivemile River90125 24525Restore habitat and population541781118
Fivemile River90129 24270Restore habitat and population511571316
Fivemile River9017 26261Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Fivemile Run420520 11295Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Flanders Stream230728 10011Protect601591719
Flanders Stream230715 55539Restore habitat571591419
Flat Branch370673 24345Restore population591372118
Flat Creek3701003 18042Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Flat Creek360307 35433Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
Flat Rock Brook34073 20057Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Flat Run510120 11980Restore, then reintroduce39  1722
Flattop Creek370563 52772Restore population571372116
Flaugherty Run420817 5654Restore, then reintroduce26  1214
Fling Brook23089 16223Restore habitat6519111322
Flintstone Creek4201252 19851Restore, then reintroduce35  1421
Flood Brook500198 20796Restore habitat and population561781318
Flower Brook500163 12082Restore habitat and population541681218
Fly Creek360283 65412Restore habitat and population471271216
Fly Creek360255 14042Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Fly Creek360338 46739Protect7822142121
Fly Creek360445 45696Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Fly Creek360547 49950Restore habitat and population43147715
Flynn Brook360514 13614Restore, then reintroduce34  1321
Fogg Brook330225 26050Restore habitat and population49157819
Folly Lick Branch51027 14566Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Fool Brook230188 10172Restore population611371823
Ford Run240315 37481Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Fordway Brook330262 10456Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Forge Creek420909 15769Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Forney Creek3701265 21794Restore population681472423
Forrest Brook330290 16602Restore habitat and population511371219
Fort Hill Brook90101 5918Restore habitat and population511571019
Fort Pond Brook250318 29924Restore habitat and population46147817
Fort Run510126 34666Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Foss and Knowlton Brook230320 40139Restore habitat6822141319
Founders Brook25057 35436Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Four Ponds Brook230750 56343Restore habitat672415721
Fourmile Brook230179 18494Protect7118121922
Fourmile Creek360125 24160Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Fourmile Run4201002 25454Restore habitat and population461271017
Fourmile Run420146 10523Restore population611572217
Fourmile Run540175 37464Restore habitat and population491471216
Fowler Run420424 37151Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Fox Brook23053 12546Protect7018121822
Fox Creek5101185 29441Restore habitat651591922
Fox Creek5101178 19557Restore habitat591591421
Foxwell Brook2301030 17276Restore habitat and population481571016
Franconia Branch330201 16581Restore population681372424
Fred Dorr Brook230608 31353Restore habitat601591521
Freeman Run420211 20824Restore habitat591791815
French Broad River3701318 20522Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
French Broad River3701303 9630Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
French Broad River3701134 46920Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
French Broad River3701169 40466Restore habitat and population491271515
French Broad River3701330 10027Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
French Broad River3701340 8107Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
French Broad River3701388 3685Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
French Broad River3701391 41040Restore habitat and population451271016
French Broad River3701485 6191Restore, then reintroduce32  1616
French Brook250337 22006Restore habitat and population39157512
French Creek360176 71316Restore habitat and population471271216
French Creek360531 53536Restore habitat6019131117
French Creek4201097 30044Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
French Creek42012 11851Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
French Creek420113 27216Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
French Creek420178 35715Restore, then reintroduce20  614
French Creek42019 37430Restore, then reintroduce23  716
French Creek42013 25009Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
French Creek420286 39527Restore habitat and population481271316
French Creek42040 33818Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
French Creek42087 34691Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
French Creek4208 19893Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
French Creek540337 31288Restore habitat and population491371217
French River90124 13000Restore habitat and population44157814
French River25036 25646Restore habitat and population44157616
French River25031 16277Restore, then reintroduce22  616
French Run4201437 35358Restore habitat and population481271316
French Stream230644 16951Restore habitat551691218
Fresh Meadow Brook44028 10942Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Friends Run540381 27536Restore habitat and population541371222
Frog Hollow Brook360223 128538Restore habitat and population471271216
Frohock Brook230874 6688Restore habitat and population581271821
Frost Brook230632 25121Protect6116101718
Frost Creek360499 17765Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Frost Gully Brook230986 11730Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Frya Run4201440 9097Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Fuller Brook230913 8317Restore habitat and population501271417
Fulling Mill Brook9053 18242Restore habitat and population47157817
Fulmer Creek36062 16926Restore habitat and population491471216
Fulton Chain Lakes360553 91706Restore habitat591891220
Fultz Run510153 21337Restore habitat and population49137920
Furnace Branch510594 37942Restore habitat and population631472022
Furnace Brook500144 28354Restore habitat6419111519
Furnace Brook330154 18862Restore habitat and population46127918
Furnace Brook9028 27216Restore habitat and population481571016
Furnace Run51034 11178Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
Furnace Run420631 18567Restore habitat and population521571218
Furnace Run4201257 28068Restore habitat and population39117714
Furnace Run4201125 16540Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Gables Run4201214 30754Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Gale River33071 10829Protect611691719
Gale River33072 15121Restore habitat6921111720
Gale River33073 13341Restore population631372122
Gales Brook250281 18404Restore habitat and population501271219
Galford Run540475 31848Restore habitat and population601371723
Gamble Run420448 27634Restore habitat601791717
Ganargua Creek360448 82986Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Gardiner Brook330274 25413Restore population641372222
Gardner Brook230878 21662Restore habitat6819111622
Gardner Brook23057 27362Protect6918121722
Gardner Creek420471 23436Restore habitat and population491571215
Gardner Creek420362 11604Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Garth Run510167 26910Restore habitat6416131421
Gauley River540478 22838Restore habitat611691719
Gauley River540482 27183Restore habitat601691718
Gauley River540493 36221Restore habitat and population571471818
Gauley River540495 16036Restore habitat and population571471719
Gay Brook230983 9156Restore habitat6320101518
Gay Creek36081 70295Restore habitat and population471471016
Gaylord Creek420105 11874Restore habitat and population551371421
Genegantslet Creek36092 67278Restore habitat and population461271413
George Brook230393 32136Restore habitat641891522
Georges Creek4201220 19871Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Gibert Brook230299 39985Restore habitat631691622
Giffords Brook90119 10867Restore habitat and population501571117
Gihon River50093 41447Restore habitat and population511571316
Giles Brook33046 29655Restore habitat and population461371016
Gillespie Run420943 29039Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Gilpatrick Brook230741 23806Restore habitat and population481271217
Gin Brook230131 25155Restore habitat6618121422
Girtys Run420822 8565Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Gizoquit Brook230104 9630Restore habitat and population561371422
Glade Brook90141 17766Restore habitat and population551681120
Glade Creek540694 16680Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Glade Creek540619 37378Restore, then reintroduce30  921
Glade Creek540666 23846Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Glade Run420702 26121Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Glade Run420643 16369Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Glady Fork540334 23527Restore population621472120
Glady Fork540285 17114Restore population591472117
Gladys Fork370537 27423Restore habitat and population551471618
Glantz Brook230989 13475Restore habitat6420101519
Glazier Brook230153 22836Restore habitat6918121623
Glazier Brook230154 14424Protect661791723
Glebe Brook33026 15126Restore habitat and population491371118
Glen Brook360556 120791Restore, then reintroduce20  713
Glen Falls Brook500258 38066Restore habitat and population491371217
Glove Hollow Brook330222 14019Restore habitat and population551371619
Goddard Brook23052 17425Protect6717101723
Gold Brook230617 14331Protect7622122022
Gold Brook230737 22606Restore habitat561691219
Golden Brook330151 11963Restore, then reintroduce28  1315
Goodall Brook2301053 28610Restore habitat and population501471217
Goodnow River360350 80807Restore habitat621691522
Goose Creek510908 14765Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Goose River230933 7761Restore habitat591591520
Goose River230888 5563Restore habitat571591518
Goose River230786 13557Restore habitat521591117
Goose Rocks Creek2301046 15152Restore habitat and population531471517
Goosefare Brook2301038 10609Restore habitat and population481571016
Gordon Pond Brook330205 17702Restore habitat and population611371823
Gorham Brook330128 9436Restore habitat and population501271516
Gorton Creek360375 37792Restore, then reintroduce29  1415
Gott Brook230729 19907Restore habitat6419101619
Gower Run540274 17650Restore habitat and population481371216
Grant Brook230326 28121Restore habitat7222141620
Grant Brook33054 10304Restore habitat and population571371621
Grape Creek3701503 34127Restore population581172119
Grapeville Creek360226 38993Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Grapevine Stream230536 15056Protect641691722
Grassy Brook3308 16377Restore population571371720
Grassy Brook500208 9441Restore habitat6719111621
Grassy Creek5101225 3589Restore habitat571591221
Grassy Creek370271 14526Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Grassy Creek370376 26096Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Grassy Creek3701108 25813Reintroduce35  1718
Gratsinger Run360271 19909Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Greasy Creek5101049 36514Restore habitat6217131220
Great Brook360275 16675Restore habitat and population511271418
Great Brook330271 14952Restore population621372220
Great Brook250234 15607Restore habitat and population47178814
Great Brook230950 35667Restore habitat7722141823
Great Brook2301021 14173Restore habitat and population551781416
Great Chazy River360361 62671Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Great Chazy River360356 126304Restore habitat and population551681219
Great Falls Branch230646 11690Restore habitat and population551271620
Great Trough Creek420979 36525Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Greeley Brook230957 30424Restore habitat571891119
Green Brook2301058 40082Restore habitat and population471471115
Green Brook34072 15394Restore habitat and population40127615
Green Creek420566 22596Restore habitat and population471571015
Green Creek420502 23622Restore habitat561791119
Green River3701412 27162Restore population501171715
Green River3701307 46693Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Green River500188 23960Restore habitat6519111322
Green River25021 27414Restore habitat and population501571018
Green River2509 27540Restore habitat and population561681319
Green Spring Creek4201089 1826Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Green Spring Creek4201091 15401Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Greenbrier River540500 30058Restore habitat and population591371722
Greenbrier River540483 24719Restore, then reintroduce42  2022
Greendale Brook500196 26120Restore habitat and population581571719
Greenlaw Stream230112 24839Restore habitat7524151323
Greenwater Brook25018 23210Restore habitat and population49157819
Greenwich Creek9019 11500Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Grendell Brook230101 12383Restore habitat55159922
Gridley River330185 28087Restore habitat and population531371518
Griffin Brook90154 34374Restore habitat and population45157914
Grove Brook360471 11853Restore, then reintroduce37  1720
Grove Run420386 36796Restore habitat6719131619
Guay Creek360357 41875Restore habitat5817111119
Guion Creek360186 19119Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Gulf Brook330199 38231Restore habitat and population39127812
Gulf Brook420206 33476Restore habitat and population491371118
Gulf Fork Big Creek470563 30865Restore population581272118
Gulf Fork Big Creek470567 20840Restore habitat and population541271718
Gulliver Brook230339 34631Restore habitat682214923
Gulliver Brook230335 8224Restore population611371922
Gulph Creek4201337 34292Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Gumlog Creek13019 26535Restore, then reintroduce37  1918
Gunna Creek3701283 19808Restore population671372423
Gunpowder Falls240273 19065Restore habitat and population481371018
Gunpowder Falls240274 31991Restore habitat and population46137719
Gunpowder Falls240287 23328Restore habitat and population43137815
Gunpowder Falls240289 29240Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Gunstock River330193 17937Restore habitat and population491271317
Guyandotte River540700 35097Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Guyandotte River540706 26280Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Guyandotte River540710 30919Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Guyandotte River540712 12924Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Guyandotte River540713 22394Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Guyandotte River540718 29258Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Guyandotte River540727 36652Reintroduce37  1720
Guyses Run540170 12468Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Hackers Creek540272 36760Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Hackett Brook330120 42317Restore habitat and population43127717
Hadley Brook230471 32704Restore habitat611491622
Hagermans Run420454 21228Restore, then reintroduce19  613
Haines Branch240354 15219Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Hakihokake Creek340231 14770Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Hale Brook230391 12420Restore habitat6918121623
Hales Brook230850 26966Restore habitat531691117
Haley Brook230990 28619Restore habitat6020101020
Haley Brook230753 7141Restore habitat621691522
Halfmile Brook230603 22552Protect7824151722
Halfway Brook230619 9545Restore habitat6719111423
Halfway Brook230340 24167Protect641691722
Halfway Brook23026 20098Restore habitat6819111622
Halfway Brook330188 31367Restore population511271715
Halfway Run420601 12146Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Halfway Run420632 29490Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Halfway Run420628 11913Restore habitat and population551471618
Hall Brook230749 9713Restore habitat and population521371220
Hall Creek240320 29630Restore, then reintroduce25  817
Hall Creek36022 67825Restore habitat and population41137912
Halls Stream33083 39873Restore habitat and population591271624
Halsey Brook9093 18182Restore habitat and population511571217
Halter Creek420954 11115Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Halter Creek420959 10270Restore habitat and population461371016
Halter Creek420926 12169Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Ham Branch33075 20129Restore population621372121
Hamblen Brook2301009 34070Restore habitat and population40157612
Hamblen Brook2301015 31198Restore habitat581891417
Hamilton Branch510347 12217Restore habitat671692022
Hamlinton Brook2301040 12546Restore habitat and population571681518
Hammer Creek4201021 22561Restore habitat and population42117816
Hammersley Fork420293 20836Protect7319132318
Hammonasset River9073 31233Restore habitat and population48147918
Hammond Branch240218 32697Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Hammond Brook23017 18242Restore habitat601591521
Hammond Field Brook230669 30241Protect6918121722
Hampton Brook360613 76407Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Hances Brook340122 25194Restore habitat and population461271017
Hancock Brook230999 11433Restore habitat601891518
Hancock Stream230700 14582Restore habitat591691222
Hands Run54054 17320Restore, then reintroduce37  1819
Hannah Brook4408 21112Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Hanson Brook330202 22583Restore habitat and population601371822
Happy Creek51069 14135Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Happy Creek51070 18353Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Harding Brook230128 9025Restore population621371923
Hardy Brook230472 8372Protect651591922
Hardy Brook330127 14254Restore habitat and population491271416
Hardy Spring Brook330174 17469Restore habitat and population46137818
Hare Creek42021 18395Restore habitat and population471471115
Hares Valley Creek420887 46519Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
Harmon Brook25022 39473Restore habitat and population521781017
Harris Brook23025 8456Protect7018121822
Harris Creek370935 17301Restore, then reintroduce35  1520
Harris Hill Brook360446 52112Restore habitat and population461071118
Harris Mill Creek240359 34103Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Harrisons Brook340143 28854Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Harvey Brook230694 14359Protect6516101722
Harvey Brook230997 13704Restore habitat and population511371516
Haskell Creek360400 19624Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Hathaway Brook360583 25576Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Hawk Run420299 18096Protect641691920
Hawkins Brook230325 9384Restore population591371920
Hawkins Creek3605 40954Restore habitat and population541571418
Hawksbill Creek510129 30610Restore habitat and population481371216
Hay Brook230282 40690Protect6419101718
Hay Brook230197 26099Protect641591822
Hay Brook230207 18163Protect631591920
Hay Creek4201032 19481Restore habitat and population461271116
Hay Creek4201046 14156Restore habitat and population481271217
Hayden Brook230158 10711Restore population611371922
Hayden Creek360268 102417Restore habitat and population43127717
Hayes Gap Run540363 22419Restore habitat and population581371622
Hays Creek510565 13022Restore habitat661692021
Hays Creek510400 33767Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Hays Creek510401 17758Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Hays Run420591 38833Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Hazel Creek3701258 32493Restore population671372423
Hazel Creek3701353 6457Restore, then reintroduce34  1321
Hazel River510128 15107Restore habitat6516131620
Hazel Run54084 25892Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Hazelton Brook9065 16666Restore habitat and population501571216
Hazelton Brook330211 27856Restore population621372121
Hazle Creek420644 12645Restore habitat and population441371113
Heald Stream230620 7724Protect6617101722
Heath Brook230768 15751Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Hemlock Creek420596 10638Restore habitat and population501571117
Hemlock Creek42079 36408Restore habitat591691618
Hemlock Creek420328 31512Restore habitat591791617
Hemlock Stream230533 13154Restore population531371716
Hemptown Creek1306 8772Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Hemptown Creek1307 20821Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Henderson Brook230141 11143Protect7018121723
Hendricks Creek420897 23333Restore habitat and population481371216
Hendricks Creek420927 15997Restore habitat and population491371217
Hendricks Creek420947 18796Restore habitat and population501371416
Herring River25083 14950Restore, then reintroduce34  1519
Hersey Brook230312 22326Protect621691720
Hickman Run51087 21907Restore habitat6116131220
Hicks Run420349 10637Restore population571571916
Higgins Creek470504 11239Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Higgins Creek470463 28138Restore habitat and population581372018
Hightower Creek13020 21330Restore, then reintroduce37  1918
Hilborn Creek4201383 4874Restore, then reintroduce34  1519
Hill Brook2301000 14808Restore habitat6220101319
Hill Brook230719 9076Restore habitat and population531371617
Hiller Brook360603 30615Restore habitat and population511571415
Hills Creek420138 10383Restore, then reintroduce28  820
Hilton Brook230733 11116Restore habitat and population511371417
Hinchinbrook Brook36047 15292Restore habitat6218131219
Hinckston Run420898 30400Restore habitat49159916
Hinkley Brook500200 27752Restore population611781719
Hipp Creek370940 34020Restore population551371718
Hiwassee River3701532 13837Restore, then reintroduce41  2021
Hiwassee River3701553 2259Restore, then reintroduce35  1421
Hiwassee River3701554 17595Restore, then reintroduce30  921
Hiwassee River3701562 8664Restore, then reintroduce38  1919
Hiwassee River3701523 29661Restore population601172121
Hiwassee River3701524 19113Reintroduce39  2118
Hiwassee River13030 15704Restore habitat and population571172019
Hiwassee River13026 13932Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Hoagland Run420393 14450Restore habitat and population551471618
Hobart Stream230532 11830Protect661592022
Hobbs Brook2301054 20073Restore habitat and population521471516
Hobbs Brook250184 15108Restore habitat and population41127616
Hockomock River25044 38838Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Hoffman Brook360369 3997Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Hog Camp Run540264 13632Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Hog Creek240318 9603Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Hogestown Run4201047 11357Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Hogestown Run4201018 17799Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Hogtrough Brook500178 33758Restore habitat55189919
Hogue Creek51014 26587Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Hohokus Brook34034 24135Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Hoisington Brook360336 26848Restore habitat6618131619
Hokendauqua Creek420740 16292Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Holden Creek130260 9567Restore, then reintroduce36  1818
Holdrum Brook34052 5711Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Holmans Creek510121 15308Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Holmes Brook230148 11351Protect7419131824
Holts Run360406 19517Restore habitat and population571681716
Hominy Creek3701155 26433Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Hominy Creek3701147 16281Restore, then reintroduce22  814
Hominy Creek3701208 24581Restore habitat and population541271718
Hominy Creek540536 32313Restore, then reintroduce33  1617
Hominy Creek540561 34162Restore habitat and population531471319
Honeoye Creek42042 12514Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Honeoye Creek360437 45434Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Honeoye Creek360438 98969Restore habitat and population40137713
Honeoye Creek360164 26016Restore habitat and population471271216
Honey Brook33019 18839Reintroduce37  1720
Honey Run510144 15833Restore, then reintroduce29  920
Hood Brook230726 17583Restore habitat591691618
Hook Brook330129 18782Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Hook Creek360480 31956Restore, then reintroduce23  617
Hoopers Creek3701232 9699Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Hopewell Run54086 26361Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Hopkins Lick Run540109 14194Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Horner Run51075 35460Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Horse Branch3701375 14547Reintroduce38  2117
Horse Brook90135 11388Restore habitat and population521571416
Horse Creek470394 13848Restore habitat and population481371315
Horse Heaven Brook360236 29061Restore habitat and population43137617
Horse Valley Run420972 9807Restore population601372020
Horsehill Brook230396 15363Protect661691823
Horsepen Creek540719 18839Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Horsepen Run51042 15148Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Horseshoe Brook230865 14592Restore population591371920
Horseshoe Run540196 35351Restore habitat631692018
Horting Run420929 19440Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Horton Brook50072 14129Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Horton Creek420218 10833Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Hosack Run4201187 11999Restore habitat561391321
Hosmer Run420111 11725Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
Hot Brook230319 19157Protect631691919
Hothouse Creek1303 16733Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Houghton Brook500285 29759Restore habitat6119131217
Hound Brook230338 25284Restore population601371723
Houston Run4201322 32714Restore habitat and population451171017
Howard Creek540633 17034Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
Howard Creek540651 26865Restore, then reintroduce35  1520
Howe Brook230503 13498Protect621591820
Howe Brook230157 18967Restore population591371722
Hoyt Brook230526 11982Restore population561371818
Hoyt Brook330227 29657Restore habitat and population531371320
Hoyt Creek360100 6326Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Hubbard River250218 13371Restore habitat and population531371221
Hubbard River90147 28896Restore habitat and population551781020
Hubbardton River500154 28402Restore habitat and population47147818
Hudson Brook230591 8051Restore habitat571691517
Hudson Brook230593 16708Restore habitat and population511371516
Hudson Brook230582 20733Restore habitat and population531371518
Hudson Brook230235 13079Protect7318122320
Hudson River360337 28757Restore habitat641691821
Huff Creek540690 33517Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Hughes Creek540563 25549Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Hughes River510133 30624Restore habitat6616131720
Hughes River510125 34256Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Hungerford Brook50085 12498Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Hungry Mother Creek5101117 11546Restore, then reintroduce34  1321
Hungry River3701292 13670Restore, then reintroduce33  1617
Hungry Run420778 31244Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Hunting Camp Creek510951 20547Restore, then reintroduce40  1723
Hunting Creek24068 26692Restore habitat and population481271316
Huntingdon Valley Creek4201080 36055Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Huntinghouse Brook4407 14146Restore habitat and population451071117
Huntington Creek420432 12924Restore habitat601791321
Huntington Creek420441 19221Restore habitat621791620
Huntington Creek420487 20852Restore habitat and population511571217
Huntington River500119 42586Restore habitat and population581571620
Huntley Brook230382 12815Protect631591821
Hunts Run420295 19647Protect631792116
Huntsville Creek420421 23369Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Hurd Brook330196 38891Restore habitat and population501271417
Hurd Brook360466 48762Restore habitat and population511471218
Hurricane Brook230673 20065Protect6918121821
Hussey Brook250312 10451Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Huston Brook230688 22980Restore habitat and population571371621
Hutchinson River360187 24233Restore, then reintroduce22  517
Hyatt Branch3701351 1488Reintroduce42  2121
Hyner Run420372 18449Protect641792117
Independence River36033 61122Restore habitat631891620
Indian Brook25068 17494Restore habitat and population42157614
Indian Creek360269 68204Restore habitat and population461271215
Indian Creek4201078 21922Restore habitat541691316
Indian Creek4201087 36060Restore habitat and population501471217
Indian Creek4201129 21963Restore habitat and population471471214
Indian Creek420743 9891Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Indian Creek540693 22046Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
Indian Creek540701 34878Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Indian Creek540703 25534Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Indian Creek540711 26158Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Indian Creek540730 27356Restore, then reintroduce34  1519
Indian Fork540348 15216Reintroduce35  1718
Indian Lake Creek9030 22008Restore habitat and population541571418
Indian Lake Creek9032 12115Restore habitat and population491571017
Indian River9081 6833Restore habitat and population47147917
Indian River500164 23742Restore habitat and population491471216
Indian River36012 46622Restore habitat and population591271822
Indian River36043 38568Restore habitat541691217
Indian River33030 28632Restore habitat and population551371619
Indian River230650 18850Protect621691720
Indian Run540241 19008Protect651692119
Indian Stream230718 19662Restore population551371718
Indian Stream230469 10853Protect681692023
Indiantown Run420930 21224Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Indiantown Run420925 31144Restore habitat and population45127917
Ingalls Brook230542 45504Restore habitat7422141622
Inlet Brook230394 25105Protect641691722
Intervale Brook230622 25889Restore habitat and population511371219
Ipswich River250159 21776Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Ipswich River250162 26500Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Irish Creek420902 16111Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Irish Creek420859 25462Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Irish Creek510466 16793Protect651692119
Irish Creek370821 22016Reintroduce37  2017
Ironstone Creek420988 9922Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Isaacs Creek5107 20779Restore, then reintroduce24  717
Isinglass River330241 17418Restore habitat and population471271018
Isinglass River330243 9125Restore habitat and population501271219
Isinglass River330245 14907Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Island Creek540722 30872Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Israel Creek24083 8325Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Ivy Creek5101112 21410Restore habitat54179820
Ivy Creek370903 16829Restore, then reintroduce33  1617
Ivy Creek370910 14931Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Ivy Creek370933 38877Restore habitat and population521271518
Ivy Creek370999 2323Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Ivy Creek370970 4736Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Ivylog Creek13021 12757Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Jabish Brook250254 12371Restore habitat and population491371316
Jacks Creek370759 13890Restore, then reintroduce37  1621
Jacks Creek420757 38482Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Jacks Creek420818 22884Restore habitat and population511371219
Jacks River130299 31456Reintroduce42  2319
Jacks Run420951 18289Restore, then reintroduce22  1111
Jackson Brook230656 17862Restore habitat and population501371119
Jackson River510270 30966Restore habitat and population551471321
Jackson River510529 21936Protect651692119
Jackson River510474 20681Restore habitat and population511471218
Jackson River510499 19519Restore habitat and population591472018
Jackson River510432 29050Restore habitat and population561471718
Jackson River510327 35644Restore habitat and population591471820
Jackson Run4201258 24924Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Jackson Run42044 18421Restore habitat and population511271418
Jacob Fork3701004 27849Restore, then reintroduce34  1717
Jacobs Creek4201041 27033Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Jacobs Creek4201042 33667Restore, then reintroduce21  714
Jacoby Creek420660 7983Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Jail Branch500125 20661Restore habitat and population50178718
Jail Branch500127 30788Restore habitat and population551781119
Jake Branch3701413 8390Restore, then reintroduce40  2020
James Brook230851 25311Restore habitat and population491571116
James Creek240220 34211Restore, then reintroduce24  717
James River510599 13451Restore, then reintroduce32  1517
James Run240285 18595Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Jay Brook50083 36551Restore habitat and population581581619
Jeddo Creek360425 73921Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Jefferson Branch24095 37395Restore, then reintroduce24  717
Jellison Brook230704 28792Restore habitat6216101620
Jemison Creek42099 10420Restore habitat and population491271119
Jenkins Branch3701356 7078Restore, then reintroduce40  2020
Jenkins Branch3701046 28677Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Jenkintown Creek4201133 23670Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Jennings Creek360196 17732Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Jennings Run240135 24218Restore habitat and population531471319
Jeremy Brook9059 11163Restore habitat and population491571116
Jeremy River90180 27635Restore habitat and population491471216
Jeremys Run51097 26962Restore habitat611591621
Jericho Creek4201374 8609Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Jerry Brook230348 26813Restore habitat50169817
Jerrys Brook230805 22973Restore habitat591491620
Jewell Hill Brook330259 13289Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Jewett Brook230376 21280Restore habitat6320101320
Jewett Brook50037 14818Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Jim Dave Run510309 37221Restore habitat631691622
Jim Pond Brook230621 14835Protect651691822
Jimmy Cole Brook330100 37341Restore habitat581891318
Joes Brook500287 35833Restore habitat5620111015
Johnnie Brook500109 37544Restore habitat and population541571418
Johnny Run42032 16255Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Johns Creek510710 36125Restore habitat and population581471720
Johns Creek510664 31059Restore habitat and population611472020
Johns River33058 35910Restore habitat6220101517
Johnson Brook230761 35558Restore habitat and population43157714
Johnson Brook230654 20810Restore habitat and population581371622
Johnson Brook2301062 21312Restore habitat and population491471117
Johnson Creek420648 29640Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Johnson Creek420237 11149Restore habitat6516131620
Johnson Creek420184 10703Restore habitat and population501371218
Johnston Brook230387 15855Protect641691722
Jonathans Creek3701153 42682Restore habitat and population551371520
Jones Brook23013 10949Protect7118121922
Jones Brook230843 29281Restore habitat and population471571114
Jones Brook330103 23315Restore habitat and population541571319
Jones Brook330198 32051Restore habitat and population45127818
Jones Creek130138 9107Reintroduce38  2117
Jones Creek42076 32458Restore habitat and population541471320
Jordan Branch51090 39243Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Jordan Brook90123 15659Restore habitat and population471571114
Jordan Creek4201368 27104Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Jordan Creek4201365 25591Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Jordan Creek4201366 24991Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Jordan River36026 30060Restore habitat7924151723
Kaaterskill Creek360225 46447Restore habitat and population521171717
Kase Run420605 20473Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Kashong Creek360119 19659Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Kasson Brook420314 26755Restore habitat and population571371621
Katahdin Brook230290 11757Protect8224152023
Keay Brook2301056 38471Restore habitat and population44147815
Kedron Brook500224 10255Restore habitat and population591781420
Kegg Run4201111 23819Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Kelley Branch13027 20721Restore, then reintroduce35  1718
Kellogg Branch240363 29661Restore habitat and population451171116
Kellogg Creek39038 8363Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Kelly Creek540674 22143Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Kellys Creek540551 15811Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Kelsey Brook330122 25369Restore habitat and population44127817
Kelsey Creek360278 26789Restore habitat and population501271417
Kelsey Creek360507 39559Restore habitat and population40157612
Kendall Brook230916 18459Restore habitat6020101119
Kennebago River230645 33800Restore habitat6818121622
Kennebago River230713 26114Restore habitat6819131323
Kennebec River230698 22165Restore habitat and population511371417
Kennebec River230624 27574Restore habitat571691319
Kennebec River230579 21034Protect7422141820
Kennebec River230524 17945Protect6818121820
Kennebunk River2301047 23805Restore habitat and population531471517
Kern Run4201314 37483Restore habitat and population481271118
Kerrs Creek510469 22797Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Kersey Run420404 18991Restore habitat581791616
Kettle Brook90164 26756Restore habitat and population40147514
Kettle Creek420340 35599Restore habitat and population521571218
Kettle Creek420296 28135Restore population591572017
Kettle Creek420246 29472Restore habitat641791919
Kettle Creek420247 31958Restore habitat631792017
Kettle Run420664 32349Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Kettle Run51091 16633Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Keyes Brook250335 25157Restore habitat and population471371116
Keyser Creek420378 23838Restore habitat and population44157616
Kibby Stream230589 28458Protect6817101922
Kidney Brook230364 9625Protect7018121822
Kilbuck Run420807 20737Restore, then reintroduce20  614
Kilgour Branch24093 14273Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Kimball Brook230246 13481Protect621591820
Kimball Brook230421 15462Protect6818121721
Kimball Brook230906 32174Restore habitat and population511571019
Kimball Brook50061 5544Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Kimberling Creek510900 26437Restore, then reintroduce42  2022
Kimberling Creek510872 15637Restore habitat631491723
Kinderhook Creek2501 12744Restore habitat and population491171219
King Philip Brook25058 19317Restore, then reintroduce17  512
King Phillip Brook90156 16029Restore habitat and population481571016
Kingsbury Branch500112 33938Restore habitat and population541371420
Kingsbury Stream230594 21162Protect6619111719
Kinzua Creek420130 21540Restore population581471918
Kinzua Creek4201403 33540Restore habitat and population551471717
Kirk Creek360430 45182Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Kishacoquillas Creek420808 30951Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Kittatinny Creek34016 3108Restore, then reintroduce37  1720
Kitteredge Brook230803 18777Restore habitat6620111619
Knapp Creek540520 20368Restore habitat and population591372019
Knapp Creek540501 30483Restore habitat and population631372023
Knight Branch330255 18331Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Knowles Brook230196 22842Protect641591822
Kreutz Creek4201176 21867Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Kripplebush Creek360213 12623Restore habitat and population491471414
Lackawanna River420158 12106Restore habitat591791419
Ladd Brook50014 16901Restore habitat and population491471018
Ladd Brook230551 10275Restore habitat591691519
Lahaska Creek420996 14012Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Lake Creek420209 21980Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Lakes Kill360221 43710Restore habitat and population501371317
Lambert Brook230747 8533Restore habitat591691519
Lamoille River500101 37669Restore habitat and population591881320
Lamoille River500102 26926Restore habitat and population541571418
Lamoille River500103 31710Restore habitat551891117
Lamoille River500104 27340Restore habitat and population551571518
Lamoille River500105 37344Restore habitat and population561881020
Lamoille River50092 38959Restore habitat and population541571319
Lamoille River50094 33402Restore habitat and population47157718
Lamoille River50095 21721Restore habitat and population541571121
Lamoille River50099 32807Restore habitat and population511571118
Lamoille River50097 36045Restore habitat and population531571318
Lamsen Brook230678 10547Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
Lancaster Brook230637 25296Restore habitat and population471371116
Lane Brook230766 19574Restore habitat6020101218
Lanes Run240101 15690Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Lang Stream230473 25642Protect6918121821
Larrys Creek420363 29801Restore habitat and population511471416
Larrys Creek420416 11266Restore habitat601691718
Lasher Creek360295 19568Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Laurel Creek47051 26282Restore habitat and population591372019
Laurel Creek420742 15787Restore habitat and population531371221
Laurel Creek540464 19117Restore, then reintroduce32  1616
Laurel Creek540546 27175Restore population611472119
Laurel Creek540671 11671Restore, then reintroduce36  1521
Laurel Creek540645 17586Restore, then reintroduce39  1821
Laurel Creek510866 15695Restore habitat631491723
Laurel Creek540242 14876Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Laurel Creek540258 19575Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Laurel Creek540445 23547Reintroduce34  1717
Laurel Fork540691 36106Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Laurel Fork470323 16814Protect641592119
Laurel Fork5101110 26392Restore habitat6317131320
Laurel Hill Creek4201424 24004Restore habitat and population541471617
Laurel Hill Creek4201425 27712Restore habitat and population541471617
Laurel Hill Creek4201092 28031Restore habitat and population491471117
Laurel Run420457 24129Restore habitat and population551571617
Laurel Run510454 9698Restore habitat and population561471817
Laurel Run420993 17145Restore habitat6716131622
Laurel Run420957 16020Restore habitat and population42127914
Laurel Run420663 12822Restore habitat and population531271519
Laurel Run540559 36339Restore habitat and population631372023
Lawrence Brook250307 36660Restore habitat and population43147616
Lawrence Brook250279 16867Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Le Conte Creek470697 3348Protect7517132124
Leading Creek540262 38572Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Leading Creek540297 19068Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Leadmine Brook9039 15831Restore habitat and population521571416
Leaping Well Brook250301 38567Restore habitat and population40157513
Lebanon Brook25033 25207Restore habitat and population47157916
Lee Branch450219 9986Reintroduce37  1819
Left Asaph Run420318 30842Restore population641572022
Left Asaph Run420207 46200Restore habitat and population591571621
Left Asaph Run420150 28072Restore habitat and population571571421
Left Asaph Run420151 10703Protect671792120
Left Branch Young Womans Creek420311 33311Protect641792117
Left Branch Young Womans Creek420323 22991Restore population611572118
Left Fork Big Creek540549 26142Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Left Fork Holly River540410 19378Reintroduce34  1717
Left Fork Holly River540408 35002Restore population561271918
Left Fork Mulberry Creek370641 26574Restore population601372119
Left Prong South Toe River370898 27821Restore population591372118
Leggetts Creek420335 11822Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Leighton Brook230597 31001Restore habitat6316101621
Lemon Fair River500140 27977Restore habitat and population48137919
Lemon Fair River500131 21846Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Lemon Fair River500137 30073Restore habitat and population481371018
Lemon Stream230748 22051Restore habitat591691618
Lemon Stream230769 24167Restore habitat and population561371620
Leonard Creek420385 10911Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Leonard Creek420129 10442Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Letort Spring Run4201055 13961Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Lewis Brook360146 29867Restore habitat and population551271422
Lewis Creek50060 24814Restore habitat and population531571219
Lewis Creek50059 26311Restore habitat and population531571219
Lewis Creek510334 17843Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Libby Brook23076 5796Restore habitat531911617
Libby Brook230626 21818Restore habitat and population561271621
Lick Creek5101019 20026Restore habitat and population561171721
Lick Creek420696 28313Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Lick Creek540657 25102Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Lick Run420672 32903Restore habitat and population521571218
Lick Run420412 24403Protect641791820
Lick Run420536 17621Restore habitat6519131419
Lick Run240130 12724Restore, then reintroduce35  1322
Licking Creek420353 14129Restore, then reintroduce28  1315
Licking Creek4201273 21816Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
Licking Run510105 16323Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Licking Run51096 11099Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Lilly Fork540505 18545Reintroduce35  1718
Lily Pond Brook500216 28236Restore habitat and population45137817
Lime Kiln Creek360109 18038Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Lime Kiln Creek360384 119851Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Limestone Branch51011 20036Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Limestone Creek360567 110400Restore habitat and population43147715
Limestone Run420650 5388Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Limestone Run420636 22956Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Limestone Run420600 7432Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Limestone Run420592 21582Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Lindsey Brook230360 15563Restore habitat and population541371321
Linesville Creek4201409 24488Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Linganore Creek24074 39022Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Linganore Creek24075 21239Restore, then reintroduce22  517
Linville Creek510147 29640Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Lisha Kill360239 20908Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Little Amicalola Creek130141 8338Restore, then reintroduce31  1615
Little Antietam Creek240112 15781Restore habitat and population431171015
Little Antietam Creek240120 20488Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Little Antietam Creek240109 11746Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Little Ausable River36055 53394Restore habitat6619131420
Little Back Creek510351 17426Restore habitat641691722
Little Beaver Kill360264 84772Protect6820101919
Little Bennett Creek24079 14976Restore habitat and population491271317
Little Birch River540447 25741Reintroduce34  1717
Little Black River23019 38603Restore population591271921
Little Black River23034 39611Protect6918121722
Little Brokenstraw Creek42026 6227Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Little Brokenstraw Creek42031 24308Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Little Brook340160 22566Restore habitat531491119
Little Brook90179 25279Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Little Brush Creek4201162 13859Restore habitat and population531271618
Little Buffalo Creek420697 16893Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Little Buffalo Creek420916 12870Restore habitat and population48137820
Little Buffalo Creek240156 28229Restore habitat and population531471220
Little Buffalo Stream230529 18220Restore population581271722
Little Bull Run51066 17520Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Little Bush Kill420465 21316Restore habitat and population591471721
Little Calfpasture River510358 31856Restore habitat631691820
Little Calfpasture River510396 21569Restore habitat581691221
Little Catawba Creek510668 33448Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Little Catawissa Creek420701 10695Restore habitat and population501571117
Little Catoctin Creek24080 21456Restore habitat and population461171117
Little Chartiers Creek420973 29851Restore, then reintroduce22  814
Little Chautauqua Creek360408 50901Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Little Chickies Creek4201061 28481Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Little Choconut Creek360154 14821Restore, then reintroduce24  717
Little Clear Creek540605 21220Restore habitat and population541471320
Little Clearfield Creek420619 28424Restore habitat and population481571214
Little Conemaugh River420908 29072Restore habitat and population45137916
Little Conemaugh River420900 31693Restore habitat501591214
Little Conneauttee Creek42028 16420Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Little Conneauttee Creek42035 22323Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Little Connoquenessing Creek420620 30352Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Little Conococheague Creek240104 11595Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Little Cove Creek4201251 18491Restore, then reintroduce32  1319
Little Dan River5101161 20169Restore habitat601791420
Little Delaware River360148 33447Restore habitat and population491271218
Little Dumb Brook230670 6061Restore population571271820
Little Elk Creek42020 12540Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Little Falls Creek4201388 15770Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Little Fisher River370237 24549Restore habitat and population481471413
Little Fishing Creek420477 17546Restore habitat581791220
Little Fishing Creek420509 26152Restore habitat and population511571118
Little Flat Brook34038 19429Restore habitat and population581471621
Little Fork540508 16618Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Little Gillespie Brook230955 17503Restore habitat and population551571518
Little Goddard Brook23047 10077Restore population611371823
Little Grindstone Creek360135 31731Restore habitat and population491371217
Little Harbor Brook230783 22050Restore habitat7322141720
Little Hay Brook230228 9047Protect671592023
Little Hoosic River2505 23969Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Little Hoosic River2508 24056Restore habitat and population551271620
Little Houston Brook230664 11830Restore population611371922
Little Huff Creek540731 26207Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Little Indian Creek540114 13714Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Little Indian Stream230494 20020Restore habitat6718121522
Little Juniata River420810 33858Restore habitat and population481371117
Little Juniata River420773 36929Restore habitat and population501371119
Little Juniata River420769 18791Restore habitat and population491371217
Little Kanawha River540365 21461Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Little Kanawha River540366 38888Restore habitat and population48971319
Little Kanawha River540372 22756Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Little Kanawha River540386 21091Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Little Kettle Creek420245 11679Restore habitat621791818
Little Laurel Creek540524 30346Restore habitat and population511471317
Little Lehigh Creek4201367 28622Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Little Limestone Creek470315 20869Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Little Loyalsock Creek420288 37438Restore habitat and population491471216
Little Machias River230102 20547Protect7621141823
Little Machias River23099 20452Protect7318122023
Little Madawaska River23023 17253Protect631591722
Little Madawaska River23039 49858Restore habitat521591117
Little Madawaska River23038 34837Restore habitat7624151522
Little Magalloway River230710 17070Restore habitat7724151523
Little Mahanoy Creek420717 42126Restore habitat and population47127919
Little Mahantango Creek420779 28690Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Little Mahoning Creek420667 34697Restore habitat and population491271119
Little Mahoning Creek420658 38356Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Little Marsh Creek4201248 13849Restore habitat and population501271219
Little Martins Creek420673 28527Restore habitat and population42127914
Little Meadow Brook230346 13444Restore population591371821
Little Mehoopany Creek420292 24676Restore, then reintroduce29  920
Little Meshoppen Creek420222 11643Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Little Monocacy River24087 12046Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Little Morgan Run240286 28439Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Little Muddy Creek4201037 10301Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Little Muncy Creek420475 30401Restore habitat and population491471117
Little Muncy Creek420452 21987Restore habitat and population511471317
Little Musquacook Stream230132 11827Restore population611371823
Little Musquash Stream230479 13248Restore population601371723
Little Nescopeck Creek420606 39306Restore habitat and population471571015
Little Neshaminy Creek4201014 21896Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Little Neshaminy Creek4201057 27547Restore, then reintroduce22  616
Little Neshannock Creek420428 21298Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Little North East Creek240314 12053Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Little Ossipee River2301032 12545Restore habitat and population491571116
Little Ossipee River2301036 14098Restore habitat and population521371220
Little Otter Creek50063 28935Restore habitat and population491571017
Little Otter Creek50065 17467Restore habitat and population501571018
Little Paint Branch24047 18644Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Little Pembroke Brook230545 80485Restore habitat611591621
Little Pigeon River470700 11512Restore population681372424
Little Pigeon River470682 12480Restore population671372324
Little Pigeon River470600 24233Restore, then reintroduce38  1820
Little Pigeon River470628 10442Restore, then reintroduce34  1519
Little Pine Creek420333 38145Restore habitat and population551571419
Little Pipe Creek24070 18908Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Little Pipe Creek24071 21193Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Little Pucketa Creek420812 23346Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Little Reed Island Creek5101060 26714Restore habitat551591219
Little Reed Island Creek5101133 26580Restore habitat541591119
Little River510228 16235Restore habitat621591721
Little River51043 35337Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Little River500111 37030Restore habitat and population511571118
Little River500108 34679Restore habitat and population561781318
Little River470677 41915Restore, then reintroduce35  1520
Little River470707 38547Restore population651472123
Little River370256 49507Restore habitat and population481371117
Little River3701410 38429Restore habitat and population511271517
Little River360590 75005Restore habitat521791016
Little River250158 28854Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Little River250233 25556Restore habitat and population481571214
Little River330263 9898Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Little River36016 64026Restore habitat and population541571418
Little River3602 45621Restore habitat601891320
Little River230836 11039Restore habitat571591518
Little River2301014 23237Restore habitat601691619
Little River90126 25056Restore habitat and population45157716
Little River510973 23279Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
Little River510974 28617Restore habitat and population481171119
Little River510979 17862Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Little River510943 30262Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
Little River510926 37551Restore habitat and population471171118
Little River510931 21079Restore, then reintroduce23  617
Little Roaring Creek420653 21622Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Little Salmon River360522 64098Restore habitat541810917
Little Sandy Creek420579 11273Restore habitat and population471271117
Little Sandy Creek420555 35275Restore habitat and population501271219
Little Sandy Creek420346 14037Restore habitat and population511571415
Little Sandy Creek4201272 17964Restore, then reintroduce29  1415
Little Sandy Creek54061 34198Restore habitat and population461471114
Little Sandy Run420552 13357Restore habitat and population531571318
Little Schoharie Creek360253 19056Restore habitat and population551271620
Little Schuylkill River420799 21928Restore habitat541491219
Little Schuylkill River420705 28387Restore habitat and population461271116
Little Schuylkill River420725 37320Restore habitat and population451271115
Little Scott Brook230295 14201Protect7319131823
Little Scrubgrass Creek420460 16580Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Little Seneca Creek24088 24306Restore, then reintroduce23  617
Little Sewickley Creek420797 4766Restore, then reintroduce31  1615
Little Sewickley Creek420967 19705Restore, then reintroduce24  1113
Little Shamokin Creek420712 18640Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Little Shenango River420321 19626Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Little Shenango River420294 21255Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Little Simsquish Brook230332 6930Restore population601371723
Little Simsquish Brook230322 22398Protect661691823
Little Smith Brook230342 18981Restore habitat52169918
Little Sodus Creek360442 88890Restore habitat and population431071115
Little Spencer Stream230568 22317Restore habitat6618121422
Little Squaw Brook230484 6483Protect7924151822
Little Stony Creek51073 11056Restore habitat641491823
Little Stony Creek540699 10675Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
Little Sugar Creek420199 33787Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Little Swatara Creek420922 25322Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Little Swatara Creek420894 26076Restore habitat and population451271016
Little Swatara Creek420903 12079Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Little Sycamore Creek540509 29116Restore, then reintroduce32  1517
Little Tennessee River3701405 17528Reintroduce37  2116
Little Tennessee River3701512 36897Restore habitat and population581372018
Little Tennessee River3701497 24727Restore habitat and population601371921
Little Tennessee River3701498 37876Restore habitat and population581372018
Little Tennessee River3701471 25449Restore habitat and population611372021
Little Tennessee River3701427 24226Restore population621372121
Little Tennessee River3701459 15837Restore, then reintroduce38  1820
Little Tennessee River3701453 15340Restore population591372118
Little Tennessee River13057 29106Restore habitat and population551371718
Little Tennessee River13058 23185Restore habitat and population571371918
Little Toby Creek4201358 10084Restore habitat and population521471219
Little Toby Creek420413 24513Restore habitat and population511471317
Little Toby Creek420401 24322Restore habitat and population511471317
Little Toccoa Creek1302406 18543Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Little Tomah Stream230349 14961Protect631591722
Little Tonoloway Creek54023 13410Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Little Toxaway Creek450293 13960Restore, then reintroduce39  1920
Little Trough Creek420931 18111Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Little Trout Brook36056 25177Restore habitat and population551371619
Little Tuscarora Creek420234 29929Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Little Valley Creek360131 30509Restore, then reintroduce30  1416
Little Wapessening Creek36091 16054Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Little White Creek5009 15260Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Little Wiconisco Creek420835 11202Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Little Wiconisco Creek420845 28716Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Little Wills Creek4201189 29244Restore habitat and population561471619
Little Wilson Stream230525 9214Protect6818121820
Little Wolf Creek540177 12822Restore population561471718
Little Yellow Creek420819 11239Restore habitat and population531371617
Little Youghiogheny River24016 26215Restore habitat and population44147815
Littlefield Brook230222 34659Protect6817102120
Lizard Creek420747 32942Restore habitat and population481371216
Loantaka Brook340133 14668Restore habitat and population481271415
Locust Creek420736 20277Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Locust Creek500252 16031Restore habitat and population561781318
Locust Run240299 10115Restore habitat and population491371217
Logan Branch420675 14425Restore habitat and population511571118
Logan Brook230498 13154Restore population571371720
Logan Brook230514 9663Restore habitat and population471371116
Long Branch3701368 2532Reintroduce38  2117
Long Brook230365 23577Protect7924151723
Long Cove Brook230806 11537Restore habitat and population521271518
Long Creek3701455 7450Reintroduce42  2121
Long Marsh Run51018 12600Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Long Pond Stream230511 10503Protect6818121820
Long Pond Stream230468 8773Protect7318122023
Long Pond Stream230475 22411Protect7522121823
Long Run420551 33055Restore habitat511791213
Long Run420563 15674Restore habitat and population521571317
Long Run420932 8466Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Long Run420131 14023Restore habitat591791617
Long Run540155 15661Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Loon Stream230271 38208Protect641691722
Loop Creek540606 31789Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Lopatcong Creek340183 14853Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Lopez Creek420376 12698Restore habitat and population581471621
Lords Creek500180 10215Restore habitat and population571571322
Lost Creek420789 25527Restore habitat521591117
Lost River540244 37416Restore habitat and population511271220
Lost River540269 28629Restore habitat and population571271622
Lost River540292 14616Restore, then reintroduce36  1422
Louisiana Brook250288 36976Restore habitat and population501371218
Lovell River330297 18880Restore habitat and population521371616
Lovills Creek5101170 23175Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Lowell Brook230401 37372Restore habitat611691521
Lower Beaulieu Branch2305 10365Restore habitat and population551371520
Lower Lewis Run510256 28788Restore habitat621591622
Lower Little Swatara Creek420853 22762Restore habitat and population481271217
Lower Lord Brook230538 10343Restore population611371922
Lower Pug Stream230413 11278Protect651691723
Lowries Run420800 10906Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Loyalhanna Creek420873 26242Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Loyalhanna Creek420963 29099Restore habitat and population43127816
Loyalhanna Creek4201355 34884Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Loyalhanna Creek4201034 29515Restore habitat and population551271818
Loyalsock Creek420350 29161Restore habitat601691718
Loyalsock Creek420337 32540Restore habitat and population541471320
Loyalsock Creek420339 38684Restore habitat and population571471521
Lubber Run51050 12673Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Lucky Brook230395 3935Restore habitat621691522
Lukins Run540395 12485Restore population631372221
Lunice Creek540235 22595Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Lunice Creek540218 34366Restore habitat and population481371117
Lycoming Creek420327 12762Protect601691916
Lycoming Creek420325 32239Restore habitat and population551471717
Lycoming Creek420279 19527Restore habitat and population511471218
Lycoming Creek420388 33277Restore habitat and population481471116
Lycoming Creek420264 26374Restore habitat601691421
Lynch River510243 37304Restore habitat611791421
Lyons Brook250282 21982Restore habitat and population541471320
Lyons Run420379 19798Restore habitat and population541571616
Machias River230477 38131Restore habitat611491622
Machias River230133 9655Restore population611371922
Machias River230119 49559Protect7521141723
Machias River230121 35716Protect7723141723
Macoby Creek420946 11119Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Macwahoc Stream230275 10266Restore habitat and population561371521
Mad Brook36095 4427Restore habitat and population471271216
Mad River500126 24374Restore habitat and population551571419
Mad River500130 25385Restore habitat6819111820
Mad River500122 31374Restore habitat and population531571318
Mad River9051 16597Restore habitat and population44157616
Mad Tom Brook5003 24916Restore habitat6418111619
Magalloway River230724 53905Restore habitat6418121222
Magalloway River230764 19430Restore habitat6419111420
Magalloway River230666 35102Protect7924151723
Magargee Run420446 11112Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Magurrewock Stream230428 16784Restore habitat651691723
Mahannon Creek420805 30271Restore habitat and population41127616
Mahoning Creek420728 24537Restore habitat and population461371115
Mahoning Creek420559 17893Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Mahoning Creek420602 30024Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
Mahoning Creek420610 30020Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Mahoning Creek420627 33478Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Maiden Creek420816 35235Restore habitat and population461271017
Maiden Creek420782 18126Restore habitat and population42127716
Maiden Creek420890 24280Restore habitat and population441271015
Main Creek360478 37160Restore, then reintroduce25  718
Malapardis Brook34095 12933Restore, then reintroduce20  515
Malden River250176 16141Restore, then reintroduce21  615
Malley Brook36023 59564Restore habitat5319101014
Manada Creek420936 20619Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Manatawny Creek420934 15087Restore habitat and population461271116
Manatawny Creek420950 33573Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Manchester Brook33070 21170Restore habitat and population50157820
Manhan River250296 15278Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Manhan River250298 16814Restore habitat and population50178916
Manhan River250299 23251Restore habitat and population511781115
Manor Kill36074 22077Restore habitat and population561471619
Mansell Brook230383 1653Restore population591371920
Maple Creek420338 12119Restore habitat and population541471617
Maple Run240131 14745Restore, then reintroduce37  1522
Marginal Brook250316 21141Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Marr Branch540585 24503Restore habitat and population481171317
Marriners Brook230871 19777Restore habitat561591418
Marsh Brook90167 20766Restore habitat and population42147516
Marsh Creek230835 18279Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Marsh Creek360428 173813Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Marsh Creek420332 30350Restore habitat and population541371420
Marsh Creek420564 28556Restore habitat and population511571217
Marsh Fork230798 16962Restore habitat and population561471619
Marsh Fork540653 25227Reintroduce36  1719
Marsh Fork540675 16107Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Marsh Fork540667 36234Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Marsh Fork540661 26911Reintroduce35  1718
Marsh Run240108 8346Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Marsh Run240118 13459Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Marsh Run510231 24853Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Marsh Run4201277 11935Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Marsh Stream230776 23757Restore habitat and population591781519
Marshalls Creek420557 17194Restore habitat and population531471418
Marst Brook230631 28237Restore habitat and population551271620
Martin Brook36080 1913Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Martin Stream230723 37713Restore habitat611891519
Martin Stream230714 10274Restore habitat531691117
Martin Stream230894 23791Restore habitat6020101218
Martins Creek420139 23007Restore habitat and population531371221
Martins Creek420154 10041Restore, then reintroduce28  919
Marvin Creek420132 35482Restore habitat and population531471616
Mascoma River33032 26366Restore habitat and population43137815
Mascoma River33031 23866Restore habitat and population491371118
Mascoma River33028 21214Restore habitat and population581371622
Mashamoquet Brook90128 21712Restore habitat and population521571317
Maskerchugg River44015 13566Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Massapoag Brook250214 18347Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Mattagodus Stream230362 31520Restore population571371720
Mattakeunk Stream230386 26881Restore population611781719
Mattakeunk Stream230432 5589Restore habitat551691218
Mattamiscontis Stream230422 19245Restore habitat and population531371419
Mattamiscontis Stream230398 11605Protect651691822
Mattapoisett River25097 26089Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Matthews Run42043 10513Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Mattituck Creek360503 38830Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Mauldin Creek13016 26420Reintroduce39  2118
Maxfield Brook230355 8574Protect7318122023
May Brook25037 13025Restore habitat and population49157819
May Hollow Run420331 15710Restore habitat and population531571318
McConnell Brook230125 10745Protect7319131823
McDowell Run540160 14470Restore habitat and population551371322
McElhattan Creek420550 13139Restore habitat6419131418
McGee Run420913 17963Restore habitat and population471371215
McGegers Branch370917 5481Reintroduce44  2222
McGill Run240279 12490Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
McGowan Brook50081 15998Restore, then reintroduce26  917
McHeard Brook230787 7318Restore population561271819
McIntosh Brook2301011 8728Restore habitat561891217
McKeen Brook23087 14443Protect8124151824
McKees Run4201231 34101Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
McKenzie Brook360566 7369Restore habitat and population581271821
McKinstry Brook25035 26479Restore habitat and population46157717
McLean Brook23015 8215Restore habitat and population561371323
Mead Creek360563 28036Restore habitat491691014
Meadow Brook25063 23704Restore habitat and population50178817
Meadow Brook230329 7295Restore population611372021
Meadow Brook230323 9437Restore population571371819
Meadow Brook230907 7737Restore habitat511591116
Meadow Brook240106 35439Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Meadow Brook230980 2869Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Meadow Brook230945 33650Restore habitat6520101619
Meadow Brook230934 40520Restore habitat and population511571217
Meadow Brook230931 28401Restore habitat7222141521
Meadow Brook230760 8741Restore population571371720
Meadow Brook230659 52615Restore habitat and population481371117
Meadow Brook500254 37467Restore habitat and population551571320
Meadow Creek510692 8645Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Meadow Creek540644 18410Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Meadow Creek540571 15194Restore habitat and population561371323
Meadow River540570 27792Restore habitat and population531471616
Meadow River540588 21197Restore habitat and population531471616
Meadow River540598 32596Restore population571471719
Meadow River540594 24392Restore habitat and population521471318
Meadow River540630 35685Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Meadow Stream230754 21737Restore habitat541591317
Meads Creek360371 44812Restore, then reintroduce34  1816
Medix Run420455 16307Protect641792117
Medomak River230873 34007Restore habitat531591118
Medunkeunk Stream230377 35091Restore habitat and population521371319
Meduxnekeag River230211 29041Restore habitat581691221
Meduxnekeag River230178 29171Restore habitat7424151223
Meloon Brook230648 24637Restore habitat541891017
Melvin River330190 29763Restore habitat and population501271417
Menunketesuck River9076 11129Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Meriwether Creek510383 35153Restore habitat611791520
Merrill Creek340186 11054Restore habitat and population37127513
Meshoppen Creek420227 11870Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Metallak Brook230802 46325Restore habitat662214921
Mettawee River500165 28062Restore habitat and population551681417
Mettawee River500161 37591Restore, then reintroduce30  1317
Mettawee River500162 33483Restore habitat and population43147715
Middle Branch Chopawamsic Creek510112 21287Restore, then reintroduce36  1521
Middle Branch Genesee River42071 10884Restore habitat and population511471515
Middle Branch Grass River36020 40609Protect671692121
Middle Branch Indian Stream33080 20772Protect6717101822
Middle Branch Middlebury River500138 40222Restore habitat and population591781519
Middle Branch Oswegatchie River3603 73743Restore habitat6519101620
Middle Branch Piscataquog River330131 26477Restore habitat and population521271518
Middle Branch Pleasant River230443 17083Protect8024151823
Middle Branch Westfield River250225 33828Restore habitat and population581781320
Middle Branch Wyalusing Creek420149 21690Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Middle Branch Wyalusing Creek420117 17705Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Middle Brook500260 13344Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Middle Brook340168 25831Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Middle Creek4201152 12628Restore habitat and population491471216
Middle Creek4201024 20687Restore habitat and population43117817
Middle Creek4201274 17078Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Middle Creek420315 25773Restore, then reintroduce31  1417
Middle Creek420313 26861Restore, then reintroduce34  1420
Middle Fork Anthonys Creek540566 20987Restore habitat and population581371721
Middle Fork Holston River5101099 23128Restore habitat and population521371517
Middle Fork Holston River5101128 19694Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Middle Fork Holston River5101129 38643Restore, then reintroduce31  1120
Middle Fork Holston River5101160 29093Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Middle Fork Holston River5101190 23175Restore, then reintroduce28  919
Middle Fork Patterson Creek540208 21061Restore habitat and population47147818
Middle Fork River540289 26505Restore habitat and population501371317
Middle Fork River540370 24588Restore habitat561591319
Middle Fork River540344 26441Restore habitat and population521371319
Middle Fork Sleepy Creek54059 22420Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
Middle Fork South Fork New River370558 22305Restore habitat and population521371418
Middle Patuxent River240217 37076Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Middle River510294 22779Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Middle River510298 22785Restore habitat631591821
Middle River510321 10061Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Middle River510300 21044Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Middle River510346 39765Restore habitat and population48137919
Middle River510328 19069Restore habitat611591621
Middle River90103 10372Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Middle Run540304 21257Restore, then reintroduce25  817
Mikes Run540168 12044Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Mile Brook330252 13013Restore, then reintroduce30  1020
Mill Branch3701337 11005Reintroduce46  2422
Mill Brook50071 3842Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Mill Brook500227 28541Restore habitat and population581781419
Mill Brook33039 22462Restore habitat and population491371217
Mill Brook330102 10215Protect7519112223
Mill Brook250248 24618Restore habitat and population46137818
Mill Brook25034 26908Restore habitat and population45137817
Mill Brook250157 11849Restore, then reintroduce24  618
Mill Brook360326 7420Restore habitat and population581271722
Mill Brook360335 17893Restore habitat6319101519
Mill Brook230925 7453Restore population611781719
Mill Brook230814 4611Restore habitat541591515
Mill Brook230903 48774Restore habitat5720101116
Mill Brook230461 13446Restore habitat621591622
Mill Brook230192 22190Restore habitat601691520
Mill Brook2301013 8913Restore habitat611691521
Mill Creek2301008 8498Restore habitat and population501371218
Mill Creek36034 22529Restore habitat and population421371012
Mill Creek510107 29770Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Mill Creek510365 29043Restore habitat661692021
Mill Creek510436 36810Restore habitat671692022
Mill Creek510559 14403Protect681692122
Mill Creek510114 20743Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Mill Creek420745 16318Restore habitat and population44127817
Mill Creek420968 18923Restore habitat49159916
Mill Creek420854 11408Restore habitat6016131318
Mill Creek420848 14702Restore, then reintroduce23  914
Mill Creek420860 13231Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Mill Creek420870 11242Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Mill Creek420866 10787Reintroduce37  1720
Mill Creek420987 10326Restore habitat and population441271015
Mill Creek420982 21171Restore habitat and population491271416
Mill Creek370318 15833Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Mill Creek4201072 11112Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Mill Creek4201123 35261Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Mill Creek4201139 36090Restore habitat and population42117915
Mill Creek4201192 11834Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Mill Creek420400 15284Restore habitat and population501471217
Mill Creek420397 14764Restore habitat and population481571016
Mill Creek420453 32700Restore habitat and population451271115
Mill Creek420445 14644Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Mill Creek420439 37759Restore habitat and population501471217
Mill Creek420136 17699Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Mill Creek4201396 31803Restore habitat and population501271120
Mill Creek540145 31293Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Mill Creek51099 17434Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
Mill Creek540101 20894Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Mill Creek540268 36642Restore, then reintroduce32  1121
Mill Creek540649 11404Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
Mill River50040 14787Restore, then reintroduce23  716
Mill River500151 16852Restore habitat and population621372022
Mill River250294 36534Restore habitat and population501371317
Mill Run2406 11349Restore habitat521691215
Mill Run240145 13916Restore, then reintroduce35  1619
Mill Run51086 42093Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Mill Stream230793 17686Restore habitat6520111618
Mill Stream230696 14706Restore habitat561591319
Mill Stream230693 9801Protect641691821
Mill Stream230727 10841Restore habitat601691520
Mill Stream360552 17094Restore habitat561691219
Miller Brook90138 10479Restore habitat and population551781317
Miller Run500282 29861Restore habitat and population571781517
Millers River3302 38491Restore habitat and population44127817
Millinocket Stream230190 9955Protect7318122023
Millinocket Stream230200 27768Restore habitat621691522
Millinocket Stream230205 16695Protect641591822
Mills River3701279 21231Restore habitat and population531271618
Millsfield Pond Brook330322 10683Restore population581371919
Millstone Creek420291 15235Restore habitat581691419
Milltown Creek5106 23121Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Mingo Creek4201001 14046Restore, then reintroduce23  815
Mink Brook44023 16509Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Mink Brook33056 11805Restore habitat and population531371518
Minnow Run24096 16095Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Mirey Brook33017 18681Restore habitat6419111519
Missisquoi River50080 31581Restore, then reintroduce27  918
Missisquoi River50076 34659Restore habitat and population521371418
Missisquoi River50077 33808Restore habitat and population541581417
Missisquoi River50082 16938Restore habitat and population571581519
Missisquoi River50084 21657Restore habitat and population541581219
Missisquoi River50089 14494Restore habitat and population521171618
Mitchell Pond Brook360467 16533Restore, then reintroduce36  1719
Mitchells Creek360498 13038Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Mix Run420427 21266Protect661792119
Molunkus Stream230303 32770Protect601691718
Molunkus Stream230300 7825Restore population581371820
Molunkus Stream230289 26743Restore population571371819
Monhagen Brook360200 11031Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Monocacy Creek420981 16496Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Monocacy Creek420758 10084Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Monocacy Creek420755 21442Restore habitat and population43137914
Monongahela Creek420684 33205Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Montgomery Creek420562 10532Restore, then reintroduce32  1418
Montsweag Brook230952 10456Restore habitat and population561471619
Moodus River90188 11271Restore, then reintroduce28  1018
Moores Run540192 25933Restore habitat and population611271923
Moormans River510305 16175Restore habitat7319131823
Moose Brook230189 11021Restore habitat and population571371522
Moose Brook330181 11831Restore habitat and population511371219
Moose Creek360570 53521Restore habitat641891720
Moose Creek360571 12184Protect691692222
Moose Creek130805 19733Restore, then reintroduce36  1818
Moose River230460 24309Protect611691719
Moose River230501 17363Protect601691718
Moose River230537 21055Protect6617101722
Moose River230516 36962Protect6518121718
Moose River36030 46748Restore habitat611891618
Moose River330110 12693Restore population581371919
Moose River330112 12941Protect7419132121
Moose River500283 10838Protect8024151823
Moose River500280 38980Protect651791722
Moose River500286 33025Restore habitat and population471571114
Moosehorn Brook230449 26537Restore habitat631591821
Mooseleuk Stream230160 27605Protect6717101822
Mooseleuk Stream230167 20388Protect641591822
Moravian Run420585 11840Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
Moshannon Creek420571 24818Restore habitat and population541571517
Moshannon Creek420634 14060Restore habitat and population481571214
Moshannon Creek420625 41688Restore habitat and population491571215
Moshannon Creek420662 12125Restore habitat and population521571515
Moshannon Creek420704 22105Protect611791718
Mosquito Brook230970 44496Restore habitat6220101418
Mosquito Brook23081 10075Protect651591823
Mosquito Brook250156 11599Restore habitat and population501271516
Mosquito Creek420461 16264Restore habitat and population561571519
Mosquito Creek420506 10438Restore habitat and population521271320
Mosquito Creek420489 29360Restore habitat and population571571619
Mossy Creek510250 10077Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Mount Blue Stream230791 27259Protect611691719
Mount Hope Brook360328 29135Restore habitat and population631681722
Mount Rock Spring Creek4201068 15782Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Mountain Brook230507 30903Protect7724151721
Mountain Creek4201108 30460Restore habitat and population531271519
Mountain Creek4201254 10670Restore habitat and population461171216
Mountain Island Branch370914 11470Reintroduce40  2119
Mountain Run420645 13343Restore habitat and population521471516
Mountain Run54036 17900Restore, then reintroduce33  1419
Mountaintown Creek130248 10746Restore, then reintroduce38  2018
Mouse Creek420774 19330Restore, then reintroduce30  1020
Moyers Mill Run420711 11836Restore habitat and population511271121
Mud Brook230287 18180Protect631591722
Mud Brook230374 8026Protect6817101922
Mud Brook230375 12162Protect651692020
Mud Brook230356 13119Protect611691818
Mud Brook2306 47251Restore habitat7021141322
Mud Creek360421 28546Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Mud Creek360578 39940Restore habitat and population45147915
Mud Creek360505 37066Restore habitat511691115
Mud Creek360539 19523Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Mud Creek360162 52629Restore, then reintroduce26  818
Mud Creek420568 11203Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Mud Creek3701332 33799Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Mud Creek3701235 28783Restore, then reintroduce27  1116
Mud Fork510903 11694Restore, then reintroduce35  1421
Mud Pond Brook230351 170010Restore habitat571691121
Mud Pond Creek360272 122823Restore habitat and population461271215
Mud Run4201439 18471Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Mud Run420616 24556Restore habitat and population511371417
Muddy Branch370610 27162Restore habitat591691717
Muddy Brook360472 39435Restore, then reintroduce20  713
Muddy Brook250252 12780Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Muddy Brook25064 21741Restore habitat and population45157716
Muddy Brook330150 16485Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Muddy Brook230800 12374Restore habitat6220101517
Muddy Brook9015 10673Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Muddy Creek54098 21502Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Muddy Creek540642 15862Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
Muddy Creek540621 35363Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Muddy Creek540116 11505Restore habitat and population461271215
Muddy Creek4201180 20270Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
Muddy Creek4201064 22823Restore, then reintroduce25  1114
Muddy Creek420147 21454Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Muddy Creek420569 37291Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Muddy River230994 6346Restore habitat6620101620
Muddy Run340248 16407Restore, then reintroduce22  913
Muddy Run4201266 12794Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Muddy Run4201063 40951Restore habitat511491018
Muddy Run4201134 15753Restore, then reintroduce31  1318
Mudge Creek360443 41742Restore, then reintroduce29  1118
Mulberry Creek370350 24643Restore habitat and population521371418
Mulholland Creek360175 11251Restore, then reintroduce31  1516
Mullen Brook50062 22708Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
Mulligan Stream230665 12815Restore habitat561891118
Mummasburg Run4201329 16055Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
Muncy Creek420442 26517Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Muncy Creek420403 25299Restore habitat and population491471216
Muncy Creek420394 26171Restore habitat581691617
Munroe Brook50054 10024Restore, then reintroduce24  915
Munsungan Stream230177 29990Protect641691722
Munsungan Stream230182 22015Protect8024151823
Murley Branch240128 7927Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
Murray Creek42069 30011Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Musconetcong River340165 25982Restore habitat and population461271017
Musconetcong River34079 26058Restore habitat and population42127815
Musquacook Stream230139 25753Protect7018121723
Musquacook Stream230116 20156Protect7018121723
Musquacook Stream230118 19047Protect7218121923
My Ladys Manor Branch240276 30957Restore habitat and population471371215
Myers Run54072 15380Restore, then reintroduce34  1618
Mystic River250181 25968Restore, then reintroduce21  516
Nahmakanta Stream230345 18294Restore habitat6417101522
Naked Creek510166 28055Restore habitat611591621
Nancy Run420820 3891Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Nantahala River3701432 14915Restore population621372121
Nantahala River3701461 28344Restore habitat and population521371319
Nantahala River3701502 58110Restore population591372118
Nantasket Brook250206 24445Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Nanticoke Creek420504 5918Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
Narraguagus Bay230616 41886Restore habitat and population551271620
Nash Stream33096 28336Restore habitat6020101218
Nathan Pond Brook330316 18353Protect6919111821
Naugatuck River9034 9041Restore habitat and population48157917
Neabsco Creek51093 14207Restore, then reintroduce24  816
Nelson Brook90111 36160Restore habitat and population45157914
Nemasket River25055 31484Restore habitat and population41127616
Nepaug River90155 20465Restore habitat and population511571118
Neponset River250211 28154Restore habitat and population42127716
Neponset River250202 28046Restore, then reintroduce22  715
Nequasset Brook230961 44255Restore habitat and population521471318
Nequasset Brook230949 13073Protect621791719
Neshanic River340251 35427Restore, then reintroduce25  916
Neshannock Creek420526 20409Restore, then reintroduce23  1013
Neshannock Creek420435 40073Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
Neshannock Creek420347 29403Restore, then reintroduce25  1015
Neshobe River500141 12984Restore habitat and population581781716
Nesowadnehunk Stream230284 33540Protect8224152023
Nesowadnehunk Stream230276 9095Restore habitat7824151623
Nesquehoning Creek420686 21761Restore habitat and population45137916
Neversink River36073 59308Restore habitat and population581681618
Neversink River360212 16142Restore habitat and population491471315
Nevins Brook90100 10658Restore habitat and population551781317
New Haven River500132 11604Restore habitat and population571781517
New Haven River500134 31636Restore habitat and population611781620
New Haven River500135 31237Restore habitat and population511571316
New Stream230539 21038Protect611591720
Newberry Creek370987 10938Restore population601372119
Newcomb Brook33023 28416Restore habitat and population45137817
Newtown Creek360377 51756Restore habitat and population41107717
Nicholls Brook330249 21951Restore, then reintroduce30  1218
Nine Foot Brook4402 32466Restore, then reintroduce19  613
Nine Partners Creek420163 11418Restore habitat and population521371220
Ninemile Brook230143 13984Protect7318122023
Ninemile Creek360451 73772Restore habitat and population40137614
Ninemile Creek360591 44803Restore habitat531691216
Ninemile Run420989 12706Restore habitat and population471471214
Nissequogue River360502 25750Restore habitat and population40127714
Nissitissit River330158 38873Restore habitat and population491371217
Nittany Creek420637 10839Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
Nolichucky River470321 35521Restore, then reintroduce26  917
Nolichucky River470375 21275Restore, then reintroduce29  1316
Nolichucky River470423 48783Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
Nolichucky River470389 33024Restore, then reintroduce26  1016
Nolichucky River370643 29484Restore habitat and population571371918
Nolichucky River370764 34630Restore population551371817
Nolichucky River370704 37690Restore population571371918
Nonewaug River9049 17348Restore habitat and population491571116
Nooseneck River4404 18182Restore habitat and population481071516
Norris Brook420144 16167Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
North Alder Brook5008 34126Restore habitat6618111621
North Branch Basket Creek360468 53402Restore habitat561691318
North Branch Bear Creek420510 10740Restore, then reintroduce29  1217
North Branch Blacklick Creek420849 30086Restore habitat and population451371114
North Branch Blacklick Creek420788 29573Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
North Branch Boquet River360353 64503Protect7822142121
North Branch Brassau Stream230411 16993Restore habitat and population541371222
North Branch Brassau Stream230397 10751Protect7018121822
North Branch Brayley Brook230224 16198Protect7118121922
North Branch Buffalo Creek420638 14556Restore habitat and population531471418
North Branch Callicoon Creek360261 22823Restore habitat and population541471419
North Branch Chase Stream230495 12350Protect6617101722
North Branch Cummings Creek36029 14223Protect6717102020
North Branch Deerfield River500185 35791Restore habitat and population581781419
North Branch Grass River36019 38663Protect691692123
North Branch Grass River36041 21199Restore habitat and population541571418
North Branch Hoosic River50016 27949Restore habitat and population601681620
North Branch Little Aughwick Creek4201099 14004Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
North Branch Little Conemaugh River420872 19820Restore, then reintroduce24  1014
North Branch Mahantango Creek420764 23762Restore, then reintroduce30  1119
North Branch Manhan River250297 13856Restore habitat and population531571318
North Branch Marsh Stream230751 28035Restore habitat6620101620
North Branch Meduxnekeag River230155 39032Protect7018121723
North Branch Meduxnekeag River230137 40962Restore habitat641691623
North Branch Mehoopany Creek420310 25610Restore habitat and population521371418
North Branch Misery Stream230454 19566Restore habitat6621111321
North Branch Moordener Kill360235 29691Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
North Branch Ottauquechee River500220 17523Restore population591371722
North Branch Penobscot River230296 72927Restore habitat6518121322
North Branch Penobscot River230330 16842Restore habitat6618121422
North Branch Plum Creek420698 13392Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
North Branch Potomac River240143 18995Restore, then reintroduce28  1117
North Branch Potomac River240144 28056Restore habitat and population491471117
North Branch Potomac River240151 26141Restore, then reintroduce28  1315
North Branch Potomac River240152 17996Restore habitat571691319
North Branch Potomac River54047 26290Restore, then reintroduce31  1219
North Branch Presque Isle Stream23090 27592Restore habitat6721141220
North Branch Quemahoning Creek4201059 16077Restore habitat and population491371217
North Branch River330175 21912Restore habitat and population531371221
North Branch River330256 11013Restore, then reintroduce33  1518
North Branch River330258 26270Restore habitat and population43127717
North Branch Saranac River360512 82097Restore habitat6218101420
North Branch Slippery Rock Creek420466 10346Restore, then reintroduce27  1215
North Branch Sugar Creek420119 17364Restore, then reintroduce32  1220
North Branch Sugar River33040 21673Restore, then reintroduce33  1320
North Branch Towanda Creek420204 17801Restore habitat and population471371017
North Branch Upper Ammonoosuc River330101 15620Restore population571781715
North Branch Wadleigh Brook230187 27228Protect641691920
North Branch Winooski River500116 28305Restore habitat and population52178918
North Branch Winooski River500110 21477Protect6919111722
North Branch Wyalusing Creek420107 17895Restore habitat and population551371421
North Buffalo Creek510541 13237Restore, then reintroduce36  1620
North Chuctanunda Creek360579 27194Restore habitat and population44127817
North Creek420251 12076Restore population581571818
North Deer Creek420300 11957Restore, then reintroduce28  1216
North Fork Broad River1302284 19941Restore, then reintroduce26  1115
North Fork Catoctin Creek51013 36057Restore, then reintroduce27  1017
North Fork East Branch Pemigewasset River330200 10547Restore population681372424
North Fork Goose Creek51021 28474Restore, then reintroduce24  717
North Fork Goose Creek51025 34200Restore, then reintroduce29  1019
North Fork Holston River5101147 28786Restore, then reintroduce33  1221
North Fork Holston River5101149 15531Restore, then reintroduce37  1621